Social media is one of the most effective tools you can use to create more leads, win more listings and ultimately maximize your presence in the market as the dominant agent.

There are so many applications you can use in order to get more leads at an early stage.

On today’s Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, my third in a three-part series continues with marketing guru and host of Marketing Edge, Jason Pantana.

Jason shares some vital tactics on how you can create your strategy on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and emails!

Remember that familiarity creates trust and trust creates leads!

If people become familiar with what you do and how you do it by showing them the behind the scenes or informative videos on social media, then you’ll show them that you’re the real estate agent to work with!

This is definitely an episode you’ll want to download, save and re-listen to regularly! Get ready to dominate the market and competition!


In this episode we talk about…

0:59 – Jason Pantana explains why remarketing helps your business

2:11 – Why you need to incorporate custom audience to your Facebook strategy

4:33 – The Facebook messenger bots you should know about

6:44 – Don’t stress! Creating your messenger bot is super easy!

8:10 – Rockstar coaching members who are killing it with their Facebook messenger bots!

9:33 – 3 Facebook best practices to implement for your business marketing

12:22 – Case study of Rockstar Realtor who’s killing it on their crossposting Facebook videos!

14:41 – The best practices for your YouTube video SEO

18:18 – The strategy you should use for your real estate video marketing

20:25 – What is a thumbnail and tips to excel your video marketing

23:04 – The secret to improve your Instagram marketing

24:21 – Jason shares hacks to refine your Instagram stories and generate leads

27:00 – Implement calibrated questions to your IG stories

31:17 – Tell the story of YOU through Instagram stories

32:54 – Develop and consolidate your email marketing

36:16 – Rip-off & duplicate this easy-to-do email marketing strategy

42:00 – The email service providers you can use for your marketing strategy

46:44 – How to stand out on social media

49:13 – Shadow banning is the big scary monster on Instagram

52:10 – Where and how to collect your data to improve your strategy

54:37 – What marketing questions do you want Jason and I to answer?

55:00 – Your mindset will cause a breakthrough in your social media marketing

56:20 – How to use IGTV to your favor

1:01:51 – Use clickable links on Instagram



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