I know most of you have followed my advice of taking advantage of social media as a tool to further your business and create a breakthrough.

While you’re using it, you might not be using it to its fullest potential, but there’s no need to worry!

I sat down with Jason Pantana, our very own resident marketing guru and host of Marketing Edge. He was able to give some useful tactics on how to boost your business branding on social media.

We also explain why social media makes your branding and lead generation a smoother process. Jason shares some fundamental tips that focus on cultivating your follower sphere into loyal, referral-happy customers by paying attention to your comments instead of constantly posting.

To finish off and get you started on your social media marketing, our video and podcast producer, Richard Mark gives insightful recommendations on how to improve your strategy on YouTube.

Get ready to deep-dive on how you can improve your social media presence.


In this episode we talk about…

1:28 – Branding in social media creates familiarity and trust with your clients

2:18 – The role of social media with your online marketing

3:33 – Selfie nation lets people know who you are, and it helps your brand for lead generation

6:05 – Let people become familiar with you and your business on social media platforms

6:48 – Don’t let the fear of vanity and insecurity stop you from posting that selfie

8:28 – What should you and how much should you post on social media?

9:02 – Create a clear brand in order for people to get to know you online and offline

10:25 – Be tactful when promoting your business on social media

11:24 – Influencers place value on authenticity when posting

12:03 – Build a conversation and trust in order to create your social marketing

13:18 – Be yourself and don’t break character

14:41 – You NEED social proof in your foolproof social media marketing strategy

16:21 – Posting on social media will attract more referrals

17:10 – Realtors that are crushing their social proof context on Instagram and Facebook

19:30 – You still need social proof even though you’re receiving low engagement

21:00 – Don’t brag but do give your followers a story and BTS post

22:16 – Rockstar agent making a breakthrough Facebook campaign

26:57 – Jason Pantana and I perform crucial Instagram and Facebook audits

30:27 – Jason and I give helpful tips to improve your social media presence

36:06 – We answer when, what and where to post

38:23 – Train your audience with updating your IG stories

43:00 – Be mindful of the people that are paying attention to your business on every social media platform

43:40 – We tell you what performs very well on LinkedIn for your business

49:02 – Richard Mark and Jason provide helpful tips to improve your YouTube channel

53:07 – Google only shows the most relevant content to their audience

54:06 – Create content revolving around your social media comments



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