If there’s one takeaway from today’s Tom Ferry Podcast Experience video roundtable, it’s these video tips for real estate:

The only way to get better at video is to start, put them out there and do better next time.

That’s how you learn. But if you’re not even trying, you’ll never grow and you’ll miss out on massive exposure possible through real estate video marketing.

So I assembled four video Rockstars – Katie Day of Houston, TX, Steven Kim of Toronto, ON, Erica Wolfe of Palm Beach County, FL, and David Caldwell from the suburbs of Portland, OR – for today’s episode, and what I love about these four is that they all do very different things with video. Which, in itself, makes a great point – be your authentic self on video and you will succeed!

Watch or listen for their insightful video tips for real estate, plus a list of “must see” videos from some of our industry’s best.


In this episode, we discuss…

0:37 – The B Side of the podcast begins

2:30 – Worst and best videos ever shot

11:25 – What the Beatles documentary can teach you about publishing video

12:23 – How to become an authority figure “super quickly”

18:45 – The real estate videos these Rockstar agents wish they’d created

29:10 – What’s the most iconic video you could shoot?


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