Like it or not, we live in a video-first world. So how do you get past your fears and start creating dynamic content? The fact is this: you’re gonna screw up but the time to start is right now. Your real estate videos don’t need to be highly-produced to gain momentum or attract leads. 

This week on the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, I’ve invited coaches David Caldwell and Patrick Ferry on the show to talk about their hacks for creating success with YouTube real estate leads– fast

Find out why it’s worth it to put money behind real estate video marketing content and get their top SEO strategies to generate more business. 

In this episode, we discuss…

  • 00:26- Intro
  • 00:49- David Caldwell on YouTube success
  • 02:19- Patrick Ferry on YouTube SEO
  • 03:47- David: Putting money behind content
  • 06:36- A look at David’s channel
  • 08:37- David’s strategy with YouTube views
  • 13:06- Testing the effectiveness of YouTube advertising
  • 15:20- The cost of YouTube advertising
  • 17:24- Why you should have an intro
  • 19:25- How much money would you spend to get an appointment? 
  • 21:20- YouTube ad conversion
  • 24:49- Mistakes to avoid
  • 25:12- Content ideas for attracting your ideal customer
  • 28:26- Video takes time
  • 29:09- Patrick on YouTube SEO
  • 35:22- Randy Ora’s success
  • 38:05- Randi White’s success
  • 40:30- Cameron & Shayna Flemming’s success
  • 43:45- Why you need to deliver on your video name
  • 46:09- You’re an expert – own it
  • 47:10- Tom’s video hacks: TubeBuddy & Jarvis
  • 49:47- Getting past the discomfort
  • 51:59- Google My Business hack
  • 52:58- Build an office studio
  • 53:53- Thumbnails are key
  • 55:45- What to do if your video underperforms
  • 57:05- Time-saving videos
  • 59:43- Get over yourself and get on video
  • 1:02:48- Closing thoughts