Let’s talk marketing!

Today’s Tom Ferry Podcast Experience gives you a glimpse inside our last BluePrint event. Don’t miss the next one, which is free to attend on Wednesday, June 2!

In this episode, I’ll share with you seven proven listing attraction strategies.

I’ll also give you a question you should be asking every homeowner today.

And one final piece of advice you always need to hear.


In this episode, we discuss:

1:40 – It starts by deciding how many listings you want to take

3:11 – THIS will get you listings this week (And it’s as simple as Copy + Paste + Change Name + Send)

7:14 – Yikes!

9:47 – The better alternative to a tired “Just Sold” card

11:38 – How to do a “Just Sold” in 2021

14:47 – The secret weapon: Are you asking sellers to write a letter to their neighbors?

16:12 – The question that needs to be asked EVERYWHERE right now

17:17 – One of the biggest opportunities around the world

21:20 – One final important piece of advice