Do you implement gifting into your business strategy?

I’m not talking about gifting when closing a deal or when a client buys their house. I mean gifting with the intention to impact when people least expect it. In today’s episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, I talk about all of this with my guests, John Ruhlin, author of Giftology, and Glennda Baker, Rockstar agent from Atlanta. 

John, who is a leading authority on maximizing customer loyalty, shares how gifts can create connection, trust, and opportunities. Glennda also shares how she has incorporated John’s golden nuggets with her community and clients. 

Today’s episode is all about radical generosity and we go deep on how John discovered the impact of gifting, why Glennda’s food philosophy on gifting food works, and how you can improve on your gifting mistakes for the next time you want to create trust with your customers!

If you truly want to show up and make a positive difference in your business and community, then this episode will help you make better decisions when it comes to improving your gifting strategy! 




In this episode, we talk about…

4:07 – John Ruhlin shares the lightning bolt moment that pushed him to create Giftology 

7:40 – Glennda Baker shares that the key to creating connection is all about giving to impact, not to impress

8:23 – “Nobody cares about gifts.”

11:15 – John shares the importance of understanding WHO is receiving the gift and the KEY relationships 

17:13 – Listen to how you can apply the Giftology strategy to your clients

19:20 – Be actively loyal! 

23:33 – Look at your photos and follow these tips Tom shares to impact your clients!

26:10 – These are the top mistakes you need to avoid when gifting!

35:44 – Glennda shares her philosophy on gifting food to clients

37:20 – Every rule can be bent, but do it well!

40:27 – Listen to why the inner circle is one of the critical elements when gifting 

51:17 – Discover why you should consider kitchenware when gifting 

56:40 – Listen to these tips when gifting to families


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