Are you allowing your resistance to stop you from moving powerfully?

Today’s episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience is short but POWERFUL. 

It includes a challenge from me to you, a book suggestion you need to read to get you going on this journey, a story that I share about a moment in my life that my resistance overpowered me, and a daily checklist to get you on track!

It’s on you to decide if you’re going to move powerfully not. It’s on you to live a mediocre life or not, and it’s on you to schedule a buyer consultation or research seller appointment.

So, while you listen to this episode, I want to know… what was the takeaway that is going to make you start living a powerful life without resistance?

In this episode we talk about…

0:11 – Tom challenges you to book 100 appointments!

1:16 – Don’t sell yourself short! You have more in you

1:48 – Download this audiobook now!

2:45 – Do you have resistance? Stay in the moment!

5:40 – Where are you stuck?

7:20 – Tom shares a story of how he was stuck and pushed himself 

11:00 -”The resistance wants me to live a mediocre life.”

11:42 – Here’s your daily checklist so you can succeed!


Success Summit

David Goggins

The War of Art 

Steven Pressfield