Your job as the trusted agent of your market is to communicate the latest housing market data to your clients!

The August 7th episode of This Week in Housing covers all your questions on the latest data of the housing market and how you can share it with your clients through savvy social media posts!

I was joined by David Childers from Keeping Current Matters and Jason Pantana, marketing guru and lead speaker of Marketing Edge.

Not only does David break down data in today’s episode, but Jason shares his social media knowledge and provides you with helpful tips for you to hit the ground running once you finish listening to the episode.

Connecting with your audience and potential leads during this time is vital and so easy through social media. Take notes and choose two or three tips you can apply to your digital marketing strategy so you can experiment and see what works best for your business!

In this episode we talk about…

1:11 – David Childers gives a complete look at unemployment numbers in the U.S.

2:56 – These are the latest numbers of gained jobs in the U.S.

8:25 – Listen to discover the BLS Unemployment rate numbers that have been reported 

7:18 – These are the CORE unemployment rate data

9:40 – What do you plan to do with this data?

10:17 – Discover the latest breakdown of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for 8/7/2020

15:40 – We talk about the U.S. economy Q2 data – and what’s being forecasted for the future

22:32 – This is what the experts are saying for the housing market 

24:40 – Jason Pantana shares some interesting social media ideas to share this data

28:38 – These are the large range of projections on future home prices

30:14 – David Childers share the data of purchase applications and the year-over-year difference data