Be the knowledge broker and you’ll see the positive ripple effects it will have on your business, and brand.

The July 10th episode of This Week in Housing covers all your questions about how to get more listings, the latest data on job unemployment and our thoughts on why you should be the knowledge broker in your local market!

David Childers from Keeping Current Matters and Yvonne Arnold, Tom Ferry Coach and host of Virtual Edge joined me to talk about how the luxury market factors into future projections, why home ownership remains one of the cornerstones of the American dream, and recommendations on taking all listings at any price right now!

You are in your moment, take the data we’re sharing and make that call! Our job is to get the word out that things are happening!

In this episode we talk about…

4:11 – Yvonne Arnold talks about the importance of knowing where your people are moving in and out from

8:45 – David Childers shares the latest numbers of unemployment 

15:40 – Listen to the latest data on U.S. job growth 

21:39 – The more data, the less of opinions 

22:42 – David talks about the Suze Orman post 

26:20 – Don’t get stuck on misinformation!

31:30 – Tom shares how to create content that is backed up by data of your local market 

37:40 – The surprising projection that inspired the KCM research team to reach out to CoreLogic for explanation

38:41 – THIS “is what ultimately will drive pricing”

39:02 – How the luxury market factors into future projections

42:27 – Why home ownership remains one of the cornerstones of the American dream

43:50 – “It’s like a store that can’t get inventory on the shelves fast enough”

44:40 – Compared to the last two years, it’s startling how few homes are coming on the market right now

45:05 – “Throw the net out bigger” to find listings today

46:15 – Why Yvonne recommends taking all listings at any price right now

48:57 – Without question, the demand is out there

50:19 – Every smart agent should share this slide right now!

53:22 – A real-world example of what every homeowner should be doing to build generational wealth

55:35 – The huge benefit of homeownership vs. renting in times like these

57:45 – An important lesson Yvonne learned early in her career

59:05 – Important discussion about current high-end market conditions

1:01:02 – Make this video today: Articulating your market conditions to consumers

1:04:24 – One last important slide: 87% of homeowners are concerned their home won’t sell

1:05:15 – Our job is to get the word out that things are happening

1:06:20 – R&D Yvonne’s video that went viral

1:07:31 – Tom’s parting advice: Questions to ask your database now


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