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20 Ways to Create a Listing Chain Reaction

What is a listing chain reaction? Let me explain…

Having a listing is always a blessing, but the best thing about it is the opportunity to promote that listing in a way that attracts the attention of all the neighbors and convinces them to want the same. This is why people say that when one house sells, all the other houses on the block start selling too – because of the awesome marketing.

On this episode of This Week in Marketing, Jason Pantana shares 20 listing promotion strategies that create a listing chain reaction. Not only will more people be inspired to list their homes, but they’ll specifically be inspired to do it with YOU!

If you have a listing (or plan to), this is your opportunity to leverage it into a listing chain reaction, so watch or listen to this episode right here.

In this episode, Jason discusses…

0:00 – Creating a listing chain reaction

2:00 – Postcards

3:50 – Case studies

4:39 – Livestream walks

6:30 – CMAs to OHNs

7:28 – Text-for-info signs

8:12 – Mega Open Houses

10:14 – The right invites

11:35 – Social media documentation

12:36 – Unique apps and features

14:27 – 24/7 virtual

15:28 – In-feed & story ads

16:45 – Web page optimization

18:10 – Reviews & assets

20:10 – YouTube to buyers

And if you’re serious about crushing it on listings:

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