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9 Google Business Profile Ranking Cheat Codes

Real estate Google search rankings are a lot like pursuing stardom. Sure, you can sit around hoping you get “discovered,” but those who succeed the most are almost always those who put in the work.

Getting “found” and “preferred” more often by Google requires intentional effort.

And in today’s episode of This Week in Marketing, Jason Pantana goes deep into the weeds with 9 Google Business Profile “cheat codes” designed to improve your real estate Google search ranking.

A word of warning: The advice in this episode gets a little complex at times, but if it wasn’t worthwhile, we wouldn’t be talking about it. So if you have marketing support, a web developer you work with, or an IT person on your team, you’ll probably want to ask them to watch this with you. 

And then when you implement what you learned, you can watch your Google search rankings soar!

In this episode, Jason discusses:

2:07 – Cheat code 1: Harnessing Categories and Services

6:52 – Cheat code 2: On-Page SEO Essentials

13:08 – Cheat code 3: Optimize Your NAP

14:20 – Cheat code 4: Including Your Location

15:20 – Cheat code 5: Establishing Location Authority

16:00 – Cheat code 6: Harmonizing External Business Listings

17:07 – Cheat code 7: Developing Service-Specific Web Pages

19:02 – Cheat code 8: Capitalizing on Keyword-Rich Reviews

21:04 – Cheat code 9: Outthinking the Search Engines to Get Found More Often


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