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Navigating Privacy & Tracking in Digital Marketing

Tracking in digital marketing is changing. With privacy issues and controversies surrounding cookies and data sharing coming to the public light, a lot of marketers are learning that the tricks that worked for targeting audiences yesterday are disappearing today.

On the one hand, this is a good thing for protecting our privacy. But on the other, data tracking in digital marketing is how we were able to make our content truly effective. Is there a happy medium of the two that everyone can be happy with?

Jason Pantana and his guest on This Week in Marketing, CEO Jesse Stein, say there definitely is. All you have to do is know the right strategies for navigating the landscape. In this episode, they discuss the changes to data tracking in digital marketing you need to know about and solutions for getting even better results and a more finely targeted audience.

Real estate marketers, this one is for all of you. Watch or listen here.

In this episode, they discuss…

2:00 – About Jesse

5:00 – Transparency framework

10:25 – Value vs. spamming

16:38 – What to do with your list

20:45 – Physical solutions

24:32 – Vertical video

28:24 – Amazing permission marketing

31:56 – Closing thoughts


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