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10 Genius Hacks to Upgrade Your Email Marketing

There are a lot of reasons to upgrade your email marketing strategy…

For starters, do you know how many people use email? 4.37 BILLION. That’s how many. And 99% of them check their inboxes daily. For you, that makes email the greatest marketing opportunity of all time – but only if you know how to make each send as effective as it can possibly be.

In this episode of This Week in Marketing, Jason Pantana shows you 10 genius hacks to upgrade your email marketing so that you get more views, more loyal subscribers, and ultimately more business.

This is a technical episode that’s essentially a mini course in effective email marketing. So watch it through, then be sure to test out some of the tools Jason recommends, such as

And if you’re seeing results from what he shares here and want to get MASSIVE exposure from your email marketing, be sure to check out Jason’s full course, “MarketingPRO: Inbox Hero” at:

In this episode, Jason discusses…

0:00 – Upgrade your email marketing

2:40 – No. 1: Subject line

7:38 – No. 2: Preview text

9:35 – No. 3: Sender name

13:02 – No. 4: Personalization

16:48 – No. 5: Mobile optimization

19:10 – No. 6: Nested CTAs

20:48 – No. 7: Integrate videos

21:38 – No. 8: Everything “clickable”

24:42 – No. 9: Authentication

27:48 – No. 10: Automated welcome message


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