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How to Conquer Fear of the Camera on Social Media Video

Jason Pantana talks about conquering fear of the camera.

What stops you from making videos? I’m willing to bet it’s fear of the camera.

Jason Pantana, one of the greatest social media marketing geniuses working in real estate today, says that in his experience, fear of the camera is what is holding agents back from their highest potential. Because today, social media demands more content of you than ever before.

In this short clip from our Elite Retreat event, Jason shared the most important mindset shift you can make to get out of your head and conquer your fear of the camera.

If you feel any sort of camera shyness or resistance toward making videos, you need this advice! Watch or listen, right here.

In this episode, Jason discusses…

0:00 – Three Stages of Content Overwhelm

3:58 – Postcards vs. Video

5:38 – What stops you?

7:20 – How to conquer fear of the camera


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