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Top 10 Real Estate Marketing Musts for New Agents

What are the real estate marketing musts that every new agent needs to be running right now to establish themselves and compete in the big leagues?

That’s the question that Jason Pantana is answering in this episode of This Week in Marketing!

In this market, new agents have the odds stacked against them, but the 10 real estate marketing musts that Jason is about to show you are certain to level the playing field and have you winning over sellers despite a lack of experience.

And what if you’re not a new agent? These are “musts” for agents at any level of experience – and you better be watching if the new kid on the block can use them to beat you out.

So no matter your level of experience, be sure to watch or listen, right here.

In this episode, Jason discusses…

0:00 – Marketing must-nots

3:28 – Marketing Must No. 1: Weekly newsletter

8:24 – Marketing Must No. 2: Market report

9:40 – Marketing Must No. 3: Local spotlight

13:08 – Marketing Must No. 4: Networking group

13:47 – Marketing Must No. 5: Request reviews

15:25 – Marketing Must No. 6: CMAs for your sphere

16:14 – Marketing Must No. 7: Personal brand

18:37 – Marketing Must No. 8: Network your face off

19:43 – Marketing Must No. 9: Open houses

22:53 – Marketing Must No. 10: Work the APC neighbors

24:13 – Move the needle


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