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Annual Equity Review: The Supercharged Real Estate CMA

If you’re working your database, hopefully you’re familiar with the tactic of sending an unsolicited real estate CMA. While that’s a killer strategy, did you know there’s an even better version? An Annual Equity Review is potentially one of the best ways to provide a ton of value, showcase your expertise, and get your database leads actually excited to make a move. So why aren’t more agents doing them?

In this episode of This Week in Marketing, Jason Pantana talks with lead generation master David Caldwell about how agents today are putting too much money and emphasis on bottom-of-funnel leads while neglecting the goldmine of their database. They’re diving deep into Annual Equity Reviews, how they differ from real estate CMAs, and why you should be having them.

If you’re not taking advantage of your database or the lead generation superpower of the Annual Equity Review, this is an episode I seriously suggest you watch right now.

In this episode, they discuss…

0:00 – Creating productivity

2:13 – Bottom-of-funnel leads vs. database

5:12 – Repeat & referral

7:30 – Lack of consistency

9:50 – Annual Equity Review: the better real estate CMA

15:07 – Delivering certainty

16:48 – The referral coefficient

21:00 – Reach out to David


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