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Real Estate Micro Farming: The Gateway to Consumer Trust

When the market is slow and the listings are low, the agent who wins the listing is always the agent people TRUST. Geo farming is a brilliant way to get everyone in a given area to know you and like you… But if you want trust, you need to take it to a micro level – and that means real estate micro farming.

In this episode of This Week in Marketing, Jason Pantana breaks down a style of geo farming that too few agents know about. Real estate micro farming is about lasering in on one specific section of your geo farm with ads and trust-building content that establishes you as the listing agent of choice.

Jason is covering how to adapt your content and marketing strategies to your micro farm and obtain permission to establish relationships.

So, looking to get more listings? Watch this episode and then get micro farming!

In this episode we discuss…

0:00 – About real estate micro farming

2:46 – A customer list

4:40 – Purchasing data

6:20 – Permission marketing

7:20 – Geotargeting

9:28 – Social media advertising

12:30 – Events

14:20 – Content

16:45 – It’s about branding


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