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Tom Ferry Facebook Group Guidelines – TF Coaches

Facebook client groups are created to promote client-to-client interaction. In general, coaches are to participate passively, primarily to observe their own clients’ participation in Facebook discussion and to learn from the comments of other coaches’ clients.

How do the groups help to increase retention?

  • They build clients’ awareness that they are part of a larger Tom Ferry community.
  • They give clients the ability to share Tom Ferry information with other members of the community.
  • They lead to meaningful connections and friendships within the community.
  • They provide a forum for clients to share their successes using Tom Ferry techniques while gaining encouragement from other clients’ successes.
  • The provide a medium to make company announcements and encourage clients to attend events

How to interact to increase retention and provide a value-added experience:

  • Coaches may use FB to congratulate their own clients, particularly when these wins result from Tom’s teachings and strategies. However, kudos and shout outs should also stimulate conversations between clients.
  • Coaches should pay particular attention to their own clients’ comments. These comments can reveal issues that need to be addressed in the clients’ individual coaching and may require an extra quick call or an email from the coach.
  • Coaches should refrain from attempting group or individual coaching for any clients.
  • Disagreements between coaches and clients in a public forum should be avoided.
  • Coaches should not take real estate referrals from clients. Referral opportunities are a benefit reserved for TF clients. A good referral can cover the cost of coaching! Referrals should only take place within the referral section of the HUB.
  • Coaches should not post personal or professional questions. If a coach needs support or would like additional information on a topic, they should contact their mentor or TF Coaching Facebook page for support.

How should coaches interact with each other’s clients?

  • Coaches are generally to be passively engaged.
  • Occasionally, comments are necessary to clarify questions in order to help clients to reflect more deeply. Only engage with clients of others if you think such clarification will help your clients.

What if you see a post that doesn’t adhere to the guidelines?

  • When in doubt, don’t post. Avoid the controversial.
  • If it’s your client, educate them in private as necessary.
  • If not your client, trust that the appointed moderators are handling the situation.

Be smart when using social media

Tom Ferry International encourages the use of social media as a valuable engagement and retention tool. It is important to remember that social media is never private and anything you say or do using a social media channel is a reflection on you as a professional and, by association, on TFI.

Tom Ferry FB Group Descriptions:

TF Core+: Available to Core+, Elite+ and Team+ clients

TF Elite+: Available to Elite+ and Team+ clients

TF Leaders/Team+: Available to TEAM+ Team Leaders and Members ONLY

TF MGMT+: Available to MGMT+ clients only

TF Coaches: Coaches only


Monitoring Your Members’ Posts
Please familiarize yourself with the rules for member pages at:

Tom Ferry Facebook Group Guidelines

If you see one of your member clients post something that does not adhere to our guidelines, please educate them privately, either through a phone call, email or private FB message.


* Team+ leaders have access to Core+ and Elite +. Their partners and associates only have access to the Team+ page.