Tom Ferry Facebook Group Guidelines

Welcome to the Tom Ferry “members only” private Facebook group! These groups are an exclusive benefit of being a Tom Ferry coaching member. To keep things productive, we must request you adhere to the following posting guidelines.

Before You Post…

  1. Ask yourself: Should I ask the group or can my coach best answer this question? Or is it better suited for your broker/manager, as real estate laws vary geographically.
  2. Use the “Search this group” function to determine if a similar question or topic has already been discussed.
  3. Check the “Files” section for documents relevant to your question or topic.

All Posts Should Fall Under At Least One of These Categories…

  • Share a technique that’s working, including details for others to “R&D.”
  • Share a win.
  • Share motivation/encouragement.
  • Ask a question that is helpful for all members.

The Following Types of Posts Do Not Conform to Our Guidelines & Will Be Deleted

  • Self-promotion or recruiting.
  • Referrals: All referral-related activity should now take place within illūm. Please note: If a referral request is posted, it will be deleted.
  • Requests for contact info or any post that requires people to post their email address in exchange for information, including requests to build a referral database.
  • Negative posts about real estate brands, industry vendors and/or affiliates.
  • Promoting unrelated Tom Ferry groups. Please note: Usage of the Tom Ferry name or branding in the title of unofficial sub-groups is prohibited.
  • Advertisements of listings / Selling of products.
  • Commission rate discussions and/or comparisons. (See exception below*)
  • Vendor pitches.
  • Political and/or religious content.
  • Sexual, vulgar or explicit material.

Acceptable Posts (But Please Tread Carefully to Not Cross the Line)…

  • Introduction / “Hello” Posts: It is okay to introduce yourself to the group, but please do not abuse this privilege. Make sure your post does not violate any guidelines above such as asking for referrals.
  • *Commissions: This topic is limited to discussing ways to build your skills to earn more.
  • Looking for Role Playing Partners who can meet up with you in illūm at a specific date and time.
  • If you have valuable tips, scripts or techniques to share with the community, either upload them to the FB files or send them to the office for full distribution.

Please be respectful of others. Be specific. Be helpful. Keep it simple.