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Tom Ferry’s Team Coaching Program

You’ve created something special… and the opportunity to impact future generations.

Legacy Team coaching ensures your hard work reaches far and wide to deliver the life and legacy you desire.

“The idea is not to live forever, but to create something that will.”

Andy Warhol

The success of your real estate business is undeniable. The big question now is how will you make your mark on the world. Your accomplishments have earned the opportunity to expand your reach – both in the business world and the legacy you create.

Legacy Team coaching will present all of your options and custom tailor a plan that fits your long-term goals. For some, that may mean diversifying your assets, while for others, it may be devising your exit plan so you can ride off into the sunset and enjoy your retirement. Or anywhere in between. No matter your ambitions, Legacy Team coaching helps you navigate your next move.

So much more than talking to your coach

When you join Legacy Team coaching, you’re becoming a member of a generous community of peers all working toward a common goal – to grow their teams and share their experiences for the greater good of all Legacy Team leaders and agents alike. Here’s a quick look at what’s included:

A coach to act as your accountability partner, guide and sounding board


Legacy Team coaching includes 72 annual sessions with your coach to use as you see fit – for you as the leader, or for your team. This means you’re never going it alone, but instead you’ve got a constant support system to guide your every move, hold you accountable, and help you make the best decisions for your growing team.

Legacy exclusive: Work directly with the Head Coach


Beyond your 72 sessions with your assigned coach, you’ll also gain a Legacy program exclusive opportunity to meet directly with Tom Ferry once per year. Use that session any way you see fit – creating your long-term vision, business planning for the next 12 months, strategizing to overcome a specific challenge, waxing philosophical, or whatever you desire.

Built-in opportunities to collaborate, learn, and bond


Imagine regularly connecting with fellow team leaders from around the globe who are experiencing the same growing pains and facing the same challenges as you are. It’s no wonder many Legacy Team coaching members point to the Retreats as equally valuable as their coaching sessions. Legacy Team members are invited to two Retreats annually – one exclusive to Legacy program members, and another with all Team program (Growth, Mastery, and Legacy) leaders together.

Those aren’t the only chances to learn from one another


In addition to the twice-annual Retreats, you’ll also be invited to an annual Legacy Team Mastermind, a two-day convergence designed to brainstorm, exchange ideas, solve for business challenges, and grow your leadership skills. You won’t be able to wait to get back to your office to implement what you learned.

An unexamined business is not worth having


Socrates famously said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” We feel the same way about business. That’s why Legacy Team coaching includes an annual business audit to take a step back and examine the most important aspects of your business: finances, operations, culture, and marketing. These audits will be conducted by some of the brightest minds in our industry –the expert consultants from T3 Sixty – who will provide strategic feedback to help grow your business.

Get your agents involved


As a Legacy Team coaching member, you’ll also receive 45 free event tickets for your agents to attend our public events such as Sales & Marketing Edge and BluePrint, and an additional 20 tickets to Tom’s flagship annual event, Success Summit.

Legacy Team coaching is by invitation only.

To qualify, you must be in Mastery coaching for a minimum of six months prior to joining.
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