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Tom Ferry’s Coaching Program

Building a team is one of the best things you’ll ever do to grow your business.

It also introduces many new challenges you never faced as a solo agent.

That’s why more and more team leaders seek out Tom Ferry Team coaching for the guidance and support they need to grow a thriving team. And we recognize that every team is different. So we’re happy to meet you where you are.

Team Coaching Programs


More goes into building a successful team than convincing some like-minded people to band together.

Establish the foundational skills and knowledge necessary to balance the demands of growing a team while also being a team leader maintaining a high level of production.

We’ll ensure you have the three elements for success – people, software, and process – and show you how to operationalize your recruiting and retention practices, and scalable SOPs.

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Your role is evolving… you now bring more value to your team as a leader than you do as a salesperson.

We’ll help you transfer the majority of the production to your team and develop lead pillars to maximize per-person productivity.

We’ll also elevate your recruiting and culture-building processes and show you how to attract and train mid-level managers necessary to accommodate your rapidly growing team.


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Your growth has reached a point where you’ve become a powerful influencer within the real estate industry and you’re ready to diversify.

We’ll help you execute on ancillary business acquisition and/or creation, or conversely, divest your assets based on cost-benefit analysis.

You’ll also enjoy consultations and opportunities directly with Tom Ferry such as exclusive retreats. Please note: Legacy currently is limited to a maximum of 100 members by invitation only.

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