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Tom Ferry’s Coaching Program

Building a team is one of the best things you’ll ever do to grow your business.

It also introduces many new challenges you never faced as a solo agent.

That’s why more and more team leaders seek out Tom Ferry Team coaching for the guidance and support they need to grow a thriving team. And we recognize that every team is different. So we’re happy to meet you where you are.

Team Coaching Programs


More goes into building a successful team than convincing some like-minded people to band together.

Establish the foundational skills and knowledge necessary to balance the demands of growing a team while also being a team leader maintaining a high level of production.

We’ll ensure you have the three elements for success – people, software, and process – and show you how to operationalize your recruiting and retention practices, and scalable SOPs.

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Your role is evolving… you now bring more value to your team as a leader than you do as a salesperson.

We’ll help you transfer the majority of the production to your team and develop lead pillars to maximize per-person productivity.

We’ll also elevate your recruiting and culture-building processes and show you how to attract and train mid-level managers necessary to accommodate your rapidly growing team.


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Your growth has reached a point where you’ve become a powerful influencer within the real estate industry and you’re ready to diversify.

We’ll help you execute on ancillary business acquisition and/or creation, or conversely, divest your assets based on cost-benefit analysis.

You’ll also enjoy consultations and opportunities directly with Tom Ferry such as exclusive retreats. Please note: Legacy currently is limited to a maximum of 100 members by invitation only.

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Team Program FAQs

What are the new products that Tom Ferry is offering for Teams?

Tom Ferry is expanding the Team Coaching services into 3 programs: Growth, Mastery, and Legacy.

Growth is geared towards team sizes 2-10, with our promise to help you determine if your team, or part of it, is or is not operationalized, with guidance how to operationalize if need be. The program includes additional benefits such as invitations to annual retreats, masterminds, and free tickets to Tom Ferry events for yourself and a select number of agents.

Mastery is geared for team sizes of 11 to 20, with our promise to work with you to assist in integrating a management team to help your team out perform you, so you can focus on the management of your team/business. The program includes additional benefits such as invitations to annual retreats, masterminds, and free tickets to Tom Ferry events for yourself and a select number of agents. It also includes free licenses to coach-led programs, additional event invites for designated team members, and more. Another huge perk of Mastery Team coaching is an annual business audit conducted by top industry consultants at T3 Sixty.

Legacy is aimed for team sizes 21 or more, with a promise to help you become an industry icon through high level exposure in the Tom Ferry ecosystem. You will receive all the benefits from the other two programs, including even more tickets to events, program licenses, etc., and with this program you will get access to Tom Ferry himself, including Tom-led Group Masterminds. Please note: Legacy Team coaching membership is available by invitation only. Applicants must be enrolled in Mastery Team coaching for a minimum of six months prior to qualify.

Can you explain what a Specialty Call is?

Specialty coaching sessions with a subject matter expert (SME), such as a marketing or operations specialist. Essentially, extra call sessions that you (the coaching member) can use to fit your coaching needs. You can use them as an extra call with your Team coach, or you and your coach may determine you need additional help from a SME (subject matter expert) coach in a specific subject, such as marketing or operations. Mastery Team coaching members are provided four Specialty Call credits per year. Legacy Team coaching members are provided eight Specialty Call credits per year. Growth Team coaching does not include free Specialty Call credits, but does include the opportunity to purchase them at a discounted rate.

What are the Group Leader Masterminds?

Group Leader Masterminds are small group, one-day events held in our CA or TX office, where you’ll get a chance to receive guidance and instruction from a Mastery level coach, as well as an opportunity to network and idea share with other Mastery Team coaching members.

What is the Business Audit?

An annual business audit with T3 Sixty, who delivers the building blocks of a modern real estate brokerage or team. As a team leader, you face many challenges others have already tackled. With T3 Fellows, you learn from those who have walked the path before you. The ultimate goal is to review your business and goals to provide you and your coach suggestions for discussion in upcoming coaching sessions.

In-depth business evaluation with a specialist in real estate brokerage/team finance and operations:

  • Profit and loss & key operating metrics vs. benchmarks
  • Office-level performance (for multi-office companies)
  • Evaluation of readiness to recruit and recruiting performance
  • Evaluation of company systems for missing or underperforming systems
  • Review of staff and executives current compensation and org chart
  • Lead generation performance

The process:

  • Kick-off meeting
  • Complete audit materials worksheet
  • Client meeting with T3 Fellows consultant and TF coach to review the analysis of their business
  • Client and coach will receive written follow up from T3 Fellows
  • Process repeats annually
    • Target timing 4-6 weeks for the entire process.

Additional Program Details

What is the Executive Team Leadership Program?

Legacy team leaders will complete T3 Fellows’ year-long program and produce deliverables, including a competitive benchmark for designing and positioning your business, marketing programs and systems to express your brand, technology and systems that have clear value for agents, a recruiting and retention system, right-sized technology systems, and fundamental practices for setting goals and managing finances.

An executive management program tailored for Tom Ferry Legacy clients and designed by top team and brokerage operators consisting of:

  • Annual business audit
  • Monthly webinars
    • Team’s staff can attend and participate in all activities at the discretion of the client.
    • Recorded sessions will be provided.
  • Practical step-by-step projects
  • One-on-one sessions with advisors
  • A knowledge-management platform
  • Monthly mastermind calls with other current program participants and program alumni

Additional Program Details

If I am already a Team coaching member, can I keep my coach?

In many cases, yes you will still be able to keep your coach. If you select a program that your current Team coach is not yet available to coach to, you will be transferred to a new coach for that program. We know you love your coach, but as Tom says, growth comes when you step outside your comfort zone, so rest assured that when you do a get a new coach, they’re fully qualified to take you to the next level.

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