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Tom Ferry’s Team Coaching Program

You’re ready to grow. But first… you need to get organized.

Growth Team coaching helps you create the foundation for your future success.

Common Challenges Growth Team Coaching Helps Overcome

I’m struggling with my new dual role, maintaining my personal production while also devoting enough time for everything necessary to grow my team – recruiting, onboarding, culture building, etc.

That’s exactly where Growth Team coaching comes in – to help you establish priorities and build in disciplines that keep you moving forward, despite the challenges of your new role. You and your coach will work together to identify key objectives and the actions needed to get there – and hold you accountable to achieve them. Your coach can even help you time block your schedule to better manage your evolving responsibilities. This increased clarity and structure will make it easier to perform all of the necessary tasks to build a thriving team… and carry the load with your own production until you get there.

I don’t know where to find advice from people in my similar situation. It’s rare to find team leader peers who are facing the same challenges I am… and even rarer to find them willing to share advice. Sometimes I feel like I’m all alone and I’m not sure I’m making the right decisions for my team.

With two retreats yearly, quarterly masterminds and 24/7 access to our private online mastermind and discussion forum, Growth Team coaching puts you in the company of fellow team leaders in the same position as you – as well as those who’ve already conquered the growing pains you’re facing. Network, pose questions, learn from others, and exchange ideas (and referrals) with like-minded, supportive members of the Team coaching ecosystem.

Getting my team members to buy in to my vision is proving more difficult than I expected. How can I get them on board and make them feel like integral components of the whole?

As a Growth Team coaching member, you get to decide how to use your 72 annual coaching sessions – either for yourself, your team, or a combination. You also get an allotment of Tom Ferry events tickets so your agents and staff can join you at certain events to get the training and team building needed to bond and excel. Exposing your team members to the Team coaching environment will bring clarity to your vision and get them all pulling in the same direction.

As a high-producing agent, I have my systems and tech tools dialed in, but I know that my approach might not be the best fit for my growing team. I don’t want to start from scratch, either. How should I handle this?

Good for you for recognizing that – that’s a sign of a good leader! Growth Team coaching is all about helping you get the right people, systems, and technology in place to grow your business. You and your coach will examine what you’re currently using and the best way to optimize your team’s systems and tech stack. The key is making the right decisions now so you’re setting yourself and your team up for long-term success. The quicker you get the right people, systems, and tech in place, the faster your growth can accelerate.

“We need to learn to walk before we can run.”

E.L. James

You’re ambitious, you’re killing it in production, and looking to build a team in your image. All it takes is a few like-minded people, right?
In theory, yes. In practice, rarely.

There’s much more to building a successful team than meets the eye. And that’s exactly where our Growth Team coaching program comes in. Growth is all about helping you establish the foundational elements for future success – getting the right people, systems, and technology in place so you can fulfill your vision as a thriving team leader.

So much more than talking to your coach

When you join Growth Team coaching, you’re becoming a member of a generous community of peers all working toward a common goal – to grow their teams and share their experiences for the greater good of all Growth Team leaders and agents alike. Here’s a quick look at what’s included:

A coach to act as your accountability partner, guide and sounding board


Growth Team coaching includes 72 annual sessions with your coach to use as you see fit – for you as the leader, or for your team. This means you’re never going it alone, but instead you’ve got a constant support system to guide your every move, hold you accountable, and help you make the best decisions for your growing team.

Built-in opportunities to collaborate, learn, and bond


Imagine regularly connecting with fellow team leaders from around the globe who are experiencing the same growing pains and facing the same challenges as you are. It’s no wonder many Growth Team coaching members point to the Retreats as equally valuable as their coaching sessions. Growth Team members are invited to two Retreats annually – one exclusive to Growth program members, and another with all Team program (Growth, Mastery, and Legacy) leaders together.

Those aren’t the only chances to learn from one another


In addition to the twice-annual Retreats, you’ll also be invited to quarterly Growth Team Marketing Masterminds as well as up to four annual Growth-exclusive webinars with Tom and/or special guests, all designed to brainstorm, exchange ideas, solve for business challenges, and grow your leadership skills. This way, you keep learning and quickly implement what you learned.

Get your agents involved


As a Growth Team coaching member, you’ll also receive 15 free event tickets for your agents to attend our public events such as Sales & Marketing Edge and BluePrint, and an additional 10 tickets to Tom’s flagship annual event, Success Summit.

Growth Team Success Stories

“Through this program we were able to identify and get the right set of agents and team members on board. They are our most essential part of the business, so that is something which is really, really important for any business to identify the right set of people.”

– Karthik Natarajan, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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