If you know me, you know I’m pretty much an open book.

I don’t mind revealing inside information about how we do business as long as it helps you run your own business more effectively.

And as CEO, I’m always pushing my executive team to innovate and try new approaches.

In fact, we’re calling 2021 “The year of testing.”

We test everything from ad graphics to scripts used by our sales team. Even the email subject line that might’ve led you to this blog was tested to 20% of our audience before sending to the remaining 80 percent.

We recently came up with a doozy of a test – free admission for our next BluePrint event, June 2-3.

Let’s talk about it.

Meet You Where You’re At

First of all, I hope to “see” you at this virtual event because it’s going to be different than anything we’ve ever done before.

Not just because of the price tag.

I’m also splitting it into two distinctly different camps:

  • Day 1 is specifically for those agents who aren’t in our coaching programs.
  • Day 2 is exclusively for members of our coaching programs – and features the phenomenal Mel Robbins.

That way, I can tailor my message more to meet you where you’re at.

And speaking of message, here’s some of what I plan to cover…


6 Questions – Is BluePrint Right for You?

Back in Q1, the emphasis throughout BluePrint was on scaling for growth.

We’re going in a new direction for Q2. (Remember… always testing!)

This upcoming event is about defending yourself – whether you’re a single agent or team – from the disruptors who are spending big bucks to wedge their way into our industry.

I see the trend of increased competition and referral fees while also recognizing that privacy laws are becoming a hot topic – meaning you’re getting squeezed from both sides, and the entire real estate landscape could soon change.

Are you prepared? Do you know how to “protect your castle,” so to speak?

To start, rank yourself in each of these six categories:

  • Do you have a Google Business page?
  • Do you have a system for constantly increasing your Google Reviews (the right way, without making Google think you’re gaming their system)?
  • Do you create content consistently that’s making you the most memorable, top-of-mind agent in your marketplace?
  • Are you working a geographic farm effectively?
  • Is your email marketing on point and dialed in?
  • Do you make your calls consistently – with at least five “Hours of Power” every week?

How’d you do? If you said “No” to any one of those questions, I strongly encourage you to register for BluePrint, because we’ll take a deep dive into those six items.