A couple months back, I did a show about three positioning strategies to overcome the disruptors eating away at traditional market share.
Today, I’m continuing that conversation with three MORE positioning strategies to help you do some disrupting of your own and stand out in a crowded marketplace.
Let’s get right to it…

Positioning Strategy No. 1: Tell the Truth About Moving

Think about a necessary evil – something that is a pain in the ass to do, but you gotta do it… Taking your car in for service, for example. Now what would you think of a repair shop that acknowledged that fact in their marketing and showed you how they simplify the whole process as much as possible to turn that PITA experience into something positive?
Would it resonate with you? Of course!
So… how refreshing would it be if you got real and raw with people and actually acknowledged that moving can really suck? Show that you understand where people are coming from, and then show them how it sucks less when they work with you. What do you do differently? What makes you unique? How do you make that experience painless?
Let them know… and then deliver on those promises!