Happy Veterans Day to all those who served!
To honor your service and sacrifice, I’m devoting this episode of the #TomFerryShow to all veterans.
And I’ve got the perfect guest to do so…
Bill Hart is the author of a fantastic book called “White Collar Warrior: Lessons for Sales Professionals from America’s Military Elite.”
To create this book, Bill interviewed members of the military and applied their disciplines and lessons to the business world. And the result is something every salesperson should read.
Watch the full video above and read the blog below for some key takeaways!

Your Training is the Foundation for Everything

When military personnel are potentially facing life-or-death situations every day, there can be no shortcuts.
I’ve told you about the special ops trainer I sat next to on a flight who shared the story of practicing 170 times for an important mission.
That’s what we’re talking about it here… doing everything possible to prepare yourself to ensure when you’re in that moment of truth, you deliver your best performance.
Bill’s book goes on to explain how if you don’t train properly, you end up suffering from “call reluctance” or “call aversion,” which derails your entire business.
So always remember: You perform at the level that you practice, so make sure you practice.

Your Discipline Will Determine Your Success

Many people think of discipline as the opposite of freedom: Sticking to a checklist and a schedule just doesn’t jive with being able to do what you want.
That is, until a Navy SEAL named Jocko teaches you otherwise.
In the book, Bill describes how a veteran by the name of Jocko Willink taught him that actually, discipline equals freedom.
How, exactly? Like this…
“Because I’m disciplined with my workouts, I have the freedom to do some of the things physically I might not be able to do if I wasn’t in good shape. Because I’m disciplined financially, I have the freedom to be able to make decisions and choices that I might not be able to otherwise.”
Game-changer perspective, huh? Do you view discipline as restrictive or freeing? Your answer might just determine what you’ll achieve in life and business.