Stop and think about this scenario for a second…
A homeowner smack dab in the middle of your market is considering selling her home.
Once that idea is in her head, what’s the next step in her process?
If she doesn’t already have an agent who is “top of mind,” her next move is likely to go online and start reading reviews of agents in her area.
Suddenly, without ever meeting you, this prospective client is making decisions about your quality, your character, your ability to deliver results.
So when she lands on your name… What does she see?

  • Tons of 5-Star reviews full of vivid detail? GREAT!
  • A few mixed reviews? NOT AS GREAT!
  • Nothing at all? UH OH!

Social proof is essential in today’s Review Economy.
That’s why I’ve devoted this #TomFerryShow to two sites where you MUST have reviews, 3 reasons why reviews are so important, and 5 ways to ensure you get a 5-star review from every client.

2 Sites Where You Absolutely Must Have Reviews

There are many different places where people can review things online, but for your purposes, the two most critical are Google and Zillow.
Zillow gets tons of traffic for people looking for all things real estate.
And Google is, well, Google… People search on Google all the time, but there are more reasons beyond them being the search giant, which takes us to…

3 Reasons Why Google Reviews are Beneficial to Your Business

  1. Social proof and credibility

Ninety percent of consumers today read online reviews before engaging with a business!
Not only that, but 77% of consumers believe reviews older than 90 days are no longer relevant!
You know what that means?
If people can’t find reviews about you and your services, you’re eliminating yourself from consideration by 90 percent of homeowners!
The second stat means even if you have reviews, you need a consistent flow of fresh reviews to make sure you are perceived as being relevant.

  1. Google loves fresh content

You know me… I have no secrets, and when I learn something from our business, I want to share it with you.
In January of 2018, we began a concerted push to increase our Google reviews. We’ve added 874 reviews since that time, and because of having those reviews, our organic website traffic has increased by 47 percent!
Long story short, the more Google reviews you have, the higher Google will rank your site, and the more eyeballs your site will attract.