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This episode of the #TomFerryShow is part two of “How Do You Do It, Tom?” where I answer questions from my team about my own personal disciplines.

If you missed part one, click here to get caught up.

In this episode, I reveal my methods and philosophies on:

  • Maintaining focus
  • Keeping myself accountable to my goals
  • Managing multiple things that need attention
  • Staying present in the moment
  • Remaining positive amid negativity, and more!

Like last week, I encourage you to watch the whole video for the full experience, while here on the blog I’ll break down some of the most important answers. Let’s get started…


How Do You Stay Focused Every Day?

For me, staying focused is about building structure.

I start by asking myself what structure do I need that would cause me to most naturally and automatically achieve my goals.

Then I align my behaviors with my goals.

For instance, I hire a trainer and meet him every day.

That action creates the structure that ensures that I actually go do the work.

When it comes to business, if you’re having trouble making calls, connect with others on Zoom and create that structure to do your Hour of Power together with a colleague.

The mistake most people make is that they say they want to be wildly successful, but then they operate like a FSBO… they TRY TO DO IT ALL THEMSELVES. With a support structure around you, everything becomes easier.

Create the structure until the routine becomes a habit.

Once it becomes a habit, it’s automatic.


How Do You Keep Yourself Accountable to Achieving Your Goals?

I’m a big believer you have to make your goals public.

Share them with your team, your friends and your family.

With each of those people, I try to not only share my goal or intention, but also find a way to make it benefit them when it’s achieved.

It becomes a “When I achieve X, you can get Y” situation.

I still remember when my boys were much younger, little Michael and Steven pushing me to succeed because they knew the achievement of my goal meant they got a benefit as well: “Come on, Dad… Do it!”

I also like to share my goals with somebody who might secretly not want me to get there.

Sometimes I need a few of those “Negative Nellies” who want to see me fail. I need the haters.

They just remind me to go out and achieve my goal.

When it comes right down to it, I lean on lots of people to hold myself accountable — my coach, my executive team, my wife.

First and foremost is my coach. Together we took time to co-create goals, a vision, a plan, and architected it. It’s my job to go execute, and I don’t want to let her down.

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How Do You Manage All the Things Vying for Your Attention?

The more successful you become, the more you’re going to be pulled in many different directions.

What’s most important for me are these four fundamentals: I know who I am, what I’m good at, where I’m going and what my mission is.

I like to look for pockets of time… You’re not likely to find me sitting around doing nothing. There’s a sense of urgency all the time.

If you struggle with time management or getting to everything you need to address, think about this: What if you hired someone to follow you around and write down what you did in 15-minute increments?

For most people, when you step back and analyze how they’re using their time, the vast majority are doing a tiny bit of stuff that’s necessary every day… and a WHOLE BUNCH of unnecessary stuff.

I’ve learned to minimize the unnecessary tasks so I can take on lots of people and ideas, stay focused and maximize every minute.


How Do You Stay Present in the Moment?

This one can be a struggle for me. About 50-60% of time, I’m all in.

But there are other times when I tend to get distracted easily. For instance, if someone is simply conveying information to me, I pick it up quickly and don’t need all the details.

Also, if my blood sugar drops, it becomes difficult for me to hold a conversation. I need to eat for consistent energy and focus.

When you find yourself really dialed in and on your game, listening with your ears and eyes… ask yourself what did you do to get to that point? Then use that information in the future to help yourself stay present more often.


How Do You Focus on the Positive with so Much Negativity Around?

I believe a life well lived is spent with people you love, you can teach, you can learn from, and you can have an impact with.

I don’t give a lot of space in my life for the news, trying to cut off the negativity and avoid the sensationalism.

I believe the same rule applies to people who are always full of drama.

Some people can’t help it — they’re just energy sucking vampires. In my life, I try to identify those people and in a loving way, push them aside.


How Do You End Your Workday?

Do you ever get home but find yourself still mentally in work mode?

I did, too, but I learned a long time ago how important it is to finish the day BEFORE going inside where it will affect your family.

Sometimes this means sitting in the car for an hour, making a few calls or replying to a critical email.

It’s all about closing the loop for the day and creating completion.

Once I’ve done that, then ask myself, “What am I committed to coming home?”

In that moment, I quickly take stock of what I’m about to encounter when I walk inside the house… What did my wife and sons have planned for today I want to ask about, etc.

I want to be present in that moment, not coming in and immediately opening my laptop and going back into “work mode.”

If I do have more work to do, I’ll wait until later in the evening, but it’s essential to give your attention to your loved ones first.


The objective of this two-part series wasn’t to tell you what to do, but rather to give some insight into what living at #Level10 means to me. Now it’s up to you to create your own #Level10 disciplines based on your own goals and what works best for you. By sharing how I do things, my hope is you picked up a few tips to integrate into your own life.

I’d love to read your comments or any questions you might have.



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