All right, so let’s get into eight campaigns to dominate your farm. The first thing you’ve got to look at, of course, is what’s the TAM? What is the total addressable market? How many transactions are taking place in that geographic farming area that you’re working? Now, by the way when I say farms, remember I could just as easily be saying buildings. For all my clients in New York city, they’re going to be saying, “Farming? What are you talking about?” Well, it’s the same thing. It’s buildings, it’s communities, it’s subdivisions. I’m going to tell you right now you want to start with a minimum of 500 if you are looking at your farm, um, if you’re not getting enough maybe due to expand the size of your farm before we talk marketing. But the big thing is, also, what percentage you’re selling. We say that 6% is the minimum turnover percentage you want. So, 500 homes in the community are combined and you’ve got at least 30 listings that are going to sell in that community. That’s a 6% turnover. That means the total addressable market is big enough for someone like you to go in and absolutely dominate.

8 Campaigns To Use Now

1. Direct mail – You should be doing two pieces a month. If you haven’t checked out, the more you can outsource all of your direct mail and not have to think about it anymore, the better. Plus at that company they are testing and creating the very best stuff. So no more, waking up in the morning and saying, “Should the photo go from this direction or that direction?”, less thinking, more domination. You want obviously, “Just Listed”, “Just Sold”, you want open house invites, you want market updates and you want value ads like Home Improvement, the 78 billion dollars a year people are spending to improve the value of their home. Some are doing it because they want to sell. So that combination of two pieces a month is going to make you. Listen, even if they take the piece, look at it once and throw it in the trash. And even if I just get that glance, that second, that’s just as powerful, my friends, as when they see a Facebook ad or tweet or a text or a flier. It’s as valuable as a commercial. It’s just that impression that we’re making.

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