5 Scripts Every Agent Needs in Today’s Market – #TomFerryShow

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Knowledge = confidence.

Ignorance = fear.

It’s not a difficult decision which one is better.

Especially when your income is at stake.

In this #TomFerryShow, I’m sharing five scripts every agent needs to know.

These five scripts will provide the knowledge that instills confidence…

Confidence of knowing:

What to say.

How to say it.

And when to say it.

Ultimately, that confidence will lead to closing more deals.

You ready?

Script #1:
“What’s important to you in the agent you choose to represent you?”

This is a great question because it gives you the prospect’s hot buttons to push later on down the road.

You’re basically asking people to identify what is most important to them, and once they reveal their answers, you can use that information to tailor your presentation to their criteria.

When it turns out you give them exactly what they want, you’ll win the business.

Script #2:
“If there was an advantage in time, money, or marketing exposure, would it be worth just 15 minutes of your time for us to get together?”

This is a very simple yet effective question.

Could anyone truly say no to it?

Better yet, what if you’ve already asked the first question above, and then you inject one of their answers into this question?

It’s all about thinking about what’s important to the client and promising to deliver that in just 15 minutes.

People will say yes.

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Script #3:
“If the home’s not selling, it’s not compelling to the buyers in today’s market.”

Whether you’re trying to win a new listing at the right price or dealing with a current listing that just doesn’t seem to be gaining any traction, this is an extremely valuable line.

It requires you to truly know your market, however, so you can point out exactly what types of properties are currently compelling to local buyers.

If you know that properties in prime locations are generating premium prices, add it to your “compelling” qualities list.

Or maybe it’s “opportunity” properties where a builder has leeway to create something more valuable with the land.

Whatever makes properties compelling in your market, make a list and then add “price” at the end.

That way, you can use that information to educate homeowners on what makes a property compelling

And if their home doesn’t meet any of those qualities, then you can explain that the best way to make their property more compelling is by lowering their price.

Check out the #TomFerryShow I did on this topic earlier this year.

Script #4:
“Have you had any thoughts of selling? Do you know anyone who’s had thoughts of selling?”

Here’s another one that’s so simple yet super effective. It’s about always being listing focused, even when out running errands or carrying out your day-to-day activities.

Anytime you’re speaking with someone, you can simply say:

“I’m just curious… Have you had any thoughts of selling your home?”

The next step is very important:


Wait until they say something.

You might get an immediate “No,” which is fine.

But you also might get a long sigh followed by, “Ya know, my husband and I were just talking about this recently.”

Bingo, you’ve cracked open that door!

Part two of this script is for those times you get a definitive “No” answer…

Follow-up by saying, “Do you know anyone who’s had thoughts of selling?”

Maybe it’s a neighbor.

A relative.

A friend.

A co-worker.

Think of all the referral possibilities.

All it takes is one or two simple questions. Ask them!

Script #5:
The Three-Option Pricing Strategy Conversation

This one is designed to lead the homeowner to agree to a lower price by getting them to fully understand your strategy. It works best in an active market where properties are frequently receiving multiple offers.

Here’s how it goes:

“Most agents have one pricing strategy. I believe there’s actually three.

You can price your home above the comps, which I call the ‘needle in the haystack’ approach. You’re hoping just the right buyer comes along and falls in love with your home enough to buy it at an above-market price.

You can price it right in line with fair market value.


For my most savvy clients, we price it just below market value to create a bidding war opportunity.

Of those three pricing strategies, which is better for you?”

Remember, knowledge equals confidence, and ignorance equals fear.

These scripts are easy to remember and will move the needle for your business. Learn them, make yourself more confident, integrate them into your conversations, and win more clients!



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