13 Powerful Life & Business Quotes from GaryVee to Guide Your Actions – #TomFerryShow

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I’m so excited to have Gary Vaynerchuk returning as our Success Summit 2020 keynote speaker September 1-3. (Early Bird pricing will be gone soon… do you have your ticket?)

I’m also excited I got some time with him recently to dig into some meaty topics, and he delivered as only he can – unfiltered, straight to the point and droppin’ knowledge.

In just 24 minutes, I identified 13 powerful quotes from Gary you should take to heart for both life and business.

Let’s go!


On decision-making during a pandemic:

“There is no success in being crippled by fear and curling up. Do not confuse that with being thoughtful and conservative.”


On acting too quickly based solely on a hunch:

“I don’t like making decisions when you don’t have all the information.”


On how COVID is impacting big-city real estate:

“I think Manhattan’s got some real challenges. People are moving out, and if this lasts until next March, you could see people getting really impatient. A lot of the reason people like to live in Manhattan is their office is here and they don’t like to commute. Imagine a world where those individuals only have to come in to work once or twice a week instead of five days a week. All of a sudden, the suburbs of Manhattan become very attractive very fast.”


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On when to strike on an emerging idea:

“The people that tend to make money in business are the ones who see enough data to make a conviction… If you wait too long for the data that everybody understands, the arbitrage is gone.”


On the importance of patience:

“Patience is a true business strength and true-life strength that is uncomfortably not cool. It’s a by-product of peoples’ deep need to seem successful to others… People over-extend themselves across the board on everything from clothes to homes with 80-90% being grounded in other people’s opinions. I think when you can eliminate that judgment, whether it’s your parents, or neighbors, the Joneses, or social media, all of a sudden patience becomes easier… I think patience actually has a very close correlation to confidence. I’m a big, big fan of patience, I really am. I think it really, really matters.”


On misconceptions about the business world:

“People think business is too much dog eats dog, like step on people. I just don’t see it that way. I see the world far more abundant than those individuals.”


On when to post on social media:

“Post as much as humanly possible. It is absolutely the way that people discover people. You’re a person who sells real estate. Too many real estate agents think about putting out content that looks professional instead of just being the guy or gal that they are.”


On the role fear plays in holding you back from greatness:

“As far as content creation, that also goes into self-esteem and lack of confidence/deep insecurity. Most people talk themselves out of it because they’re not confident. They’re worried about the judgment. They’re worried that people are going to say their lighting was bad, or ‘That was stupid.’ It’s just fear. Fear is an incredibly devastating energy in the world.”


On failing to post enough on social:

“LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram on a daily basis – to not have at least one post as a real estate agent seems to me so stunningly, shockingly big of a miss. It’s just a missed opportunity.”


On innovation:

“It’s about not falling in love with what got you there.”


On how to achieve happiness:

“Self-awareness. I think if you actually know yourself, that’s where you can really win this happiness game. I think a lot of people think they want money, but then they realize there’s too much pressure in amassing it, and if they have the humility to say, ‘Wait a minute, I actually do want to just live this simple life and I don’t have these expectations.’”


On happiness, flip side edition:

“On the flip side, for me, happiness comes in the process of trying to achieve remarkably big things. I don’t need to buy the New York Jets to be happy, but I definitely need to play the game of trying to.”


On how to stand out among the competition:

“There’s so many real estate agents for every town in America. That’s noisy. How do you break through? You were better in whatever that meant. The way to break through in content is to be better. I think authenticity is better. People buy from people. This goes back to the content. What do you put out there? The answer is authenticity.”


For my full, uncut interview with Gary, make sure to listen to the podcast.



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