I’m so excited to have Gary Vaynerchuk returning as our Success Summit 2020 keynote speaker September 1-3. (Early Bird pricing will be gone soon… do you have your ticket?)

I’m also excited I got some time with him recently to dig into some meaty topics, and he delivered as only he can – unfiltered, straight to the point and droppin’ knowledge.

In just 24 minutes, I identified 13 powerful quotes from Gary you should take to heart for both life and business.

Let’s go!

On decision-making during a pandemic:

“There is no success in being crippled by fear and curling up. Do not confuse that with being thoughtful and conservative.”

On acting too quickly based solely on a hunch:

“I don’t like making decisions when you don’t have all the information.”

On how COVID is impacting big-city real estate:

“I think Manhattan’s got some real challenges. People are moving out, and if this lasts until next March, you could see people getting really impatient. A lot of the reason people like to live in Manhattan is their office is here and they don’t like to commute. Imagine a world where those individuals only have to come in to work once or twice a week instead of five days a week. All of a sudden, the suburbs of Manhattan become very attractive very fast.”

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On when to strike on an emerging idea:

“The people that tend to make money in business are the ones who see enough data to make a conviction… If you wait too long for the data that everybody understands, the arbitrage is gone.”