Having the right answer or knowing what to say in specific situations can make all the difference in the world.

Today I’m sharing proven scripts for seven specific situations you might find yourself in – when it’s absolutely crucial that you know what to say.

Let’s dive right in!

Script No. 1: Answering Your Most Frequently Heard Question

When you’re in the real estate industry, there’s one question that you hear more than all others.

It’s this: “How’s the market?”

Think about it… How many times a week do you get that question?

And then think about this… How many times do you capitalize on it to engage the person who asked?

Far too many agents squander that opportunity with a quick “It’s great” and leave it at that.

Here’s what you should say instead:

“It really depends…

Are you interested in buying? Selling? Investing? Or renting?

Each is VERY different.

Which part of the market are you interested in?”

Script No. 2: Why Should We List with You Instead of the Competition?

When a prospect puts you on the spot with this question, you’d better be prepared to know what to say.

When you know your data and can clearly articulate how you stack up to the competition, you can make an extremely compelling case for hiring you.

Like this:

“We see ___ times as many properties, and we sell them ___ times faster, for ___ times more money on average, with ___ percent 5-star reviews. Is this the type of results you’re looking for?”

So… make sure you always know the following data vs. the industry averages:

  • How many properties you or your company sell
  • You or your company’s days-on-market statistics
  • You or your company’s average list-to-sell percentage
  • You or your company’s combined number of reviews