Real Estate Scripts Roundup: 11 Scripts to Win More Business

Real Estate Scripts Roundup: 11 Scripts to Win More Business photo
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We talk a lot about real estate scripts on the #TomFerryShow and in this blog.


Because they’re difference makers.

When you know what to say…

…You pick up the phone more frequently.

…You deliver with confidence.

…And you convert more business.

There are three script-related episodes of the #TomFerryShow I want to remind you of, because it’s never a bad time to practice your scripts and refine your skills.


The Perfect Reply for the One Question You Get Asked Most

This first episode I call “The Best and Most Effective Script EVER” because it’s all about answering a question you likely get asked every day. What many agents don’t realize is that getting asked this question provides you with a huge opportunity… but because they don’t look at it from that perspective, they bungle that opportunity. Learn how to capitalize on that question in this episode:


Winning Appointments, Pricing Strategies & More!

This next episode includes five scripts that span everything from booking an appointment to getting homeowners to choose the right price. Make sure you’re using these tactics regularly to up your conversion and win more business.


5 Proven Ways to Overcome Objections

No one promised you real estate would be easy. There’s a lot of rejection in any sales business, and if you don’t know how to handle it, it can be defeating. This next episode teaches you how to handle five of the most common objections you’ll face as a real estate professional. Watch me role play these scripts so you can master exactly what to say and how to say it to get past these common “deal stoppers.”


Important: When practicing your scripts, remember that it’s not about saying everything exactly as written. It’s about making it your own and internalizing it so it feels natural when you actually use it. And of course, NEVER practice on your clients!

If you know you need help with mastering your scripts, your delivery or your confidence, I strongly encourage you to attend an upcoming Sales Edge event!




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