Millennials’ 3 Top Priorities

Steve said millennials have basically reversed the traditional order of life’s milestones from previous generations…
Rather than follow the sequence of getting married, buying a home and starting to save money, they’ve flipped the script.
Millennials’ first priority is saving money to live their desired lifestyle – not necessarily to retire.
Millennials’ second priority is to buy a home.
Their third priority is getting married.
Let’s not worry about that third one for this blog, but focus on the first two instead. (Unless you want to play matchmaker, too.)

“The Escalator to Wealth”

So when you stop and think about those top two priorities, this next thought becomes obvious to you and me, right?
Helping millennials accomplish their second priority (buying a home) will solve their first priority (saving money).
Noted author, former financial advisor and self-made millionaire David Bach has been quoted as saying “Buying a home is the escalator to wealth in America.”
The key is to deliver that message in a way that positions you as a partner in their future, not a sales “vulture” (millennials are notoriously averse to “salesy” presentations) trying to convince them to buy a house.