Here are some powerful tips to help you take on the mindset for success:

Key #1: Visualization

Are you using visualization techniques? Visualization is a tool used by top performers ranging from athletes to business people.
Essentially, you are creating a vivid picture in your mind of what success looks like.
For example, when you meet with a lead, visualize these three things:

1. What do you need to do to help them get what they want?

E.g. Find the perfect home, help them sell their current property, etc.

2. What does the best case scenario look like?

E.g. They commit to working with you today, you list their property, etc.

3. What objections will you hear?

E.g. “Now is not the right time…” “Will you take a lower commission rate?” “I’m thinking about working with my friend who is an agent…”
Having rehearsed these scenarios in your mind means that you can mentally prepare for when they actually occur.
Furthermore, having the right mindset in place allows you to take this one step further to develop a plan and solutions ahead of time.