Know the J-Curve stages of business growth to keep your eyes ahead and embrace discomfort.


Let’s talk about growing pains. Specifically, let’s talk about where those pains begin in the stages of business growth.

Good things don’t come easy; you know that. But why does it always seem that just when you’re getting the things you actually want that everything suddenly becomes unmanageable? Why does building your business up make it feel like it’s falling apart?

When most agents reach this stage of development, they fear that there’s something wrong with what they’re doing and decide to turn back, not knowing that it’s only a stage! But if you know the stages and the pains to expect, you can know you’re on the right path and find the strength to keep pushing through.

That’s why in this blog, I’m going to teach you about what I call the J-Curve stages of business growth and show you why you should embrace the discomfort that comes with certain stages, because it shows that something beautiful is about to come.

Ready to get growing? Let’s dive in…

The J-Curve Stages of Business Growth

So, let’s just imagine this…

You’ve committed to doing the most important thing that you can be doing for yourself and your business – scheduling and going on two appointments every week. Doing this is going to take some discomfort.

First, you need to create a schedule for yourself. You:

  • Lock down your morning and nightly routines
  • Make your calls every single day without exception
  • Take appointments whenever you can
  • Keep your business running while you focus on this initiative

And you keep yourself motivated by keeping your goal in mind, constantly reminding yourself of the desired state of your business and what you’re putting in the work for.

Then what begins to happen? Well, you begin to sign more clients! You’re making more money and attracting more business than ever!

Then something happens…


The Cliff of OMG WTF?

The J-Curve of business growth.

Now you’re taking on so much business that you don’t know how to handle it. Your time is slipping away from you, and the only way to get some of it back is to hire some help – and that also takes time and energy.

There’s this false assumption out there that growth comes gradually and incrementally without any challenges. But that’s almost never the case. Even if you can see exactly where you want to go, it’s a difficult and indirect path to get there.

It can feel like your falling off a cliff, and that’s why is his is called “The Cliff of OMG WTF?,” or “Oh My Goodness, Where’s Tom Ferry?” (Okay, or maybe not, but it’s what you’ll probably be saying to yourself when you’re there!).

And this is the point that most agents quit, when they’re standing at the cliff looking down over the edge. Because they’re scared of the fall and don’t trust themselves to keep pushing on through.

Believe me, I know it’s not easy, and that’s why I call this period of disruption “The Valley of Despair.” When you’re down in the valley, it feels like there’s no way out. This is precisely the reason you need to know how the J-Curve works, because that’s how you know you’re on the right track.


Out of the Valley

You can’t stay in the Valley of Despair, but that doesn’t mean that things are guaranteed to get better. If you don’t push on to the next stage, you’ll just return to complacency and the same old grind you were in before and nothing has changed.

If you want to come up out of the valley on the other side, it takes sustained momentum, and that is SUPER uncomfortable.

It’s uncomfortable to keep making your calls, but you need to do it anyway.

It’s uncomfortable to schedule out every minute of your day, but you need to do it anyway.

It’s uncomfortable to maintain your marketing and keep posting videos when you’re tired, but you need to do it anyway.

It’s uncomfortable putting new systems in place and getting your team to adopt them, but you need to do it anyway.

As you push your way up the slope, you’ll feel the pressure of gravity pressing down on you, but just know, you’re about to come up onto another plateau with a higher view.


Repeat the Cycle

Congratulations, you made it out of the J-Curve alive and your business is better than ever. You’re making more money and maybe you’ve even come out of it with an assistant or a small team.

So, what’s next?

The J-Curve repeats.

The truth is that there’s another J-Curve ahead of you, with another cliff, another valley, and another uncomfortable ascent. To truly commit to a life of success is to commit to discomfort and embrace it. Luckily, it gets a little easier each time.

The big question for you is this: Are you willing to experience that discomfort to “level up” your business? Or will you avoid it at all costs?

If you find yourself unwilling to endure that tough period for growth and you’re bailing out, you have a decision to make about your future in this business. Either be content without ever growing from where you are – and get used to watching your competitors pass you by – or seek the help and support to power through the J curve to that “next level” in the industry.

Not to make this about us, but it’s during those times when many agents really lean on their coach for support and guidance to grow their businesses. It’s easier to let yourself get uncomfortable when you know you have a support system in your corner.

But regardless of who you choose to travel with you on your journey, the important part is that you keep going. Just start by asking yourself that important question:

Are you ready for things to change?