If you’ve ever been to one of my events before, you probably know that I like to do things big, with thousands of people from all levels of experience in massive rooms getting hyped up about the changes they’re about to make. But what I saw yesterday in Los Angeles on the first stop of my new Roadmap Tour was something very different – but just as exciting…

Hundreds of top and rising agents from around Southern California gathered in the conference room at the Sheraton Universal with calm smiles and a look of determination in their eyes, and it was clear that they meant business. Right away you could tell that this was a different kind of event, more personal, surgical, and intensive, meant for serious agents ready to break through walls in the market and cement their legacy in this industry.

What I’m about to give you in this blog is a peek inside yesterday’s very first stop on the Roadmap Tour, specifically three of the market leading agents who took the stage to share their roadmaps to success.

Ready to get a glimpse into some of the greatest minds in the business? Read on…


Rockstar Reveals

As you’ve probably heard, this is a tour with a local focus. So, when it comes to our guest speakers at these events, I’m bringing in some of the highest performing agents from each specific region who know the issues that everyone there is facing.

The goal here is to not just give you plays that are working somewhere but plays that are working in YOUR area and are directly relevant to you.

And with the first two events taking place around Los Angeles, the speakers weren’t just Rockstars but Superstars.


Who’s in Your Client Pool?

During my talk in the first part of the morning, everyone in attendance really got a rundown on not just the best ways to generate listings but also the importance of focusing on them. With Moehrl v. NAR threatening to erase the “buy side” of our industry altogether, a hard concentration on listings is your surest way of controlling your market.

But Laguna Beach agent Meital Taub shows that working with buyers might just be the ticket you need to kill it on the listing side. Meital is more than just an expert in home data – she’s an expert in people, and she’s noticed what she calls the different “species” of buyers common in her area. A few of the ones she sees most often are the:

  • Lifestyle Buyer
  • Delicate Buyer
  • Know-it-All Buyer
  • Local Buyer

Each one comes with their own sets of needs and concerns, and Meital uses this “buyer pool” to adjust the way she works with sellers. Knowing what species of buyer would be right for a listing changes the way she stages each listing and sets the price. And during her talk, she gave everyone in attendance a full breakdown of how she does it!

Putting the Right People in the Right Seats

The data shows that in an area like Los Angeles, there’s no room for thinking small. Out here, it’s the rich and the rest, and it’s nearly impossible to grow rich alone. But a team is like an intricate machine, and if one little piece is put in the wrong place then the entire thing is going to fall apart.

That’s where Bond Collective CEO Lauren Grauman is like a master mechanic who can diagnose the issue that’s stopping your engine from running. As Lauren says, “You can have amazing, SMART goals, but none of it matters if you don’t have the right people in the right positions.”

But how do you get the right people in the right seats? Where do you find them? What’s the best way to recruit them? And how do you fire the people in the wrong seats?

During her time, Lauren answered these questions and more. Here’s a little hint to answering that first question: It starts with developing your vision, your core values, and your ideal client. In just under 20 minutes, she gave everyone in attendance the full playbook they needed to get building.


Diversifying Your Marketing (and Your Assets)

When Mark Pattison first got his real estate license, he went on to Google and typed in, “How to become successful in real estate.” Funny enough, that little Google search led him to me! Today, Mark’s three-year volume is over $1,134,911,340. (Yes, there were three commas there… as in, a billion dollars in sales). Clearly that Google search gave him the answer to his question, and during this first day of the Roadmap Tour, he shared the best of what he’s learned over the years.

Mark realized that lead sources in SoCal, just like everything else in SoCal, seemed to have a waitlist. The market is just so saturated with people and if you don’t find a way to get right to the source to start attracting business, you’re always going to be falling short.

This exciting talk showed just how area-specific these presentations could be, and then he even shared his best advice on diversifying your lead sources and building an investment group where your partners become your clients.


And That Was Just One Dot on the Map

I don’t even have time to go into detail about all the other things we discussed throughout the day, but I can’t help but point out a few highlights:

  • I started the morning by opening up the question, “How’s the market?” and broke down the Three Growth Trends and Three Strategic Trends that every agent needs to be focusing on, right now.
  • I shared the five AI-powered websites that feel like a cheat code to lead and client interactions and are sure to boost your conversion rate.
  • We drew a map of the kinds of systems everyone needs to be building in their business, making it visual and hyper-specific.
  • To go with the theme of regional specificity, David Childers of Keeping Current Matters shared the local data that agents in the SoCal area need to be using today to get buyers and sellers off the fence.
  • MEGA Rockstars Stephanie Younger and Ben Belack shared their master strategies for crafting what is likely the most important aspect of your business in a hard market – your brand.
  • I shared the Top Five Listing Attraction Strategies of 2023.

And there was just SO MUCH MORE that we don’t have the space for. I just have to say that it’s only the first stop and I couldn’t possibly be more pumped for what’s to come.

Powerhouse agents like the ones we saw on stage today prove what is truly possible in a difficult market if you just have your mindset, work ethic, and playbook aligned. And remember, each new region on the Roadmap Tour will have a new set of market leaders sharing their secret weapons for killing it in that area.

So, if you’re really serious about committing to your growth (or even just your survival) in 2023, I’d recommend you go here to check out the Roadmap event closest to you. You only have everything to gain.