Back in August at the Summit, we were fortunate to have the phenomenal David Goggins — Navy Seal and amazing endurance athlete — appear as a special guest speaker.
One of the most compelling stories he shared was about when he decided to become a Navy Seal.
He’d already served in the military and returned to civilian life.
He was out of shape, overweight and stuck in a dead-end job.
Oh… AND he was racing against the clock, because there are strict age requirements for anyone applying to become a Navy Seal.

The Power of Perseverance

David embarked on his plan by talking to a recruiter.
That recruiter laughed in his face… It was too late, he was too out of shape, he didn’t have what it takes to become a Seal.
So did the next one.
And the one after that.
All told, 11 recruiters basically shooed David away, telling him to forget his dream for one reason or another.
He could’ve quit after one rejection.
He could’ve quit after five.
He very well might have quit after 10 trained U.S. military recruiters told him his dream was unachievable.
The 12th recruiter heard him out.
And David not only went on to become a Seal, but also the World’s Greatest Endurance Athlete and a world-renowned motivational speaker.

When Is Too Soon to Quit?

It would’ve been really easy for David to give up his dream.
But that’s where the power of conviction in a goal comes in.
David operates by the belief that only when you quit have you truly failed.
If you don’t quit, there’s always hope. Always a chance.
When he’s faced with adversity, he asks himself “What if?”
“What if I can do this?”
“What if I can do X, Y, and Z?”
Think of everything David would have missed out on if he’d quit after one recruiter’s rejection.
Or 10. Or 11…
All his successes and incredible life experiences would have never happened.