One week to go! I cannot tell you how pumped I am to be seeing everyone at Summit in just 5 days!

That’s one reason why I devoted last week’s blog to my top tips for networking with other agents for referrals. But this week, I want to jump ahead to after Summit – or any networking event, for that matter…

You’ve built a rapport with a ton of super interesting, successful people. But now what?

It’s time to follow up. Doing this with other agents is different from following up with a client because of the ambiguity in the relationship. So, this week, I’m going to help you make it a little less awkward and more productive.

Ready to solidify some of these connections into longtime friends and partners? Let’s dive in!


Step 1: Handwritten Notes Before You Leave

When you’re at an event with thousands of other agents, how do you stand out from the crowd? Well, the sooner you start your follow-up, the better. You want to keep yourself fresh in a person’s mind to let them know you’ve arrived in their life and you’re not just looking to pop up when you need something.

At a past Summit, agent Wendy Walker decided she was tired of meeting all these great agents and not staying connected with them. So, she took all the cards from the people she’d met over the past few days and spent some time writing handwritten notes to each one of them. Then she had them delivered to each person’s room before they left.

I’ve seen this work for dozens of agents to stay top-of-mind.


Step 2: Create a Private Referral Group

You never know where people are going to be coming from or going to, so the best thing you could do is bring all your connections together in one centralized place to benefit everyone involved.

Create a private Facebook group for agents from all around the country to share referrals. Don’t be greedy and bar other agents in your area (but of course, don’t TRY to bring them in or invite too many), because the more people sharing their networks, the better. Referrals need to be scooped up quickly, so establish the rules as first-come, first-serve.

Of course, if you’re one of our coaching members, you already have this with the TF Referral Network.


Step 3: Follow Up with an Email Within 48 Hours

You’ve already written them the handwritten note, now put yourself in their inbox. Make this email super simple:

  • It was great meeting them and you’d love to stay in touch
  • Mention something you talked about, so they’ll remember you and maybe say, “Hope you got my note at the hotel”
  • Be sure to mention where you live and work
  • State your intention of how you could potentially help them

On this last point, make sure it doesn’t seem like you’re being salesy or just trying to give them something. Remember, this person is your new ally and friend. Let them know you’re open to sharing marketing materials to get their opinion or maybe creating a Mastermind group.

Step 4: Keep Up with Them on Social

This should be obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people fail to do this. Follow their accounts. Make simple comments such as, “This was super informative,” just to remind them that you’re here to be supportive and to show Instagram (or whatever) that people are engaging with their content.


Step 5: Plan for a Mastermind or Other Event

This person goes to events, which means they’re always learning, growing, and working on their business. Don’t miss your opportunity to support each other in that endeavor. Send them a video message one month after meeting them and ask what the next big thing they’re going to is.

But here’s the kicker… After you ask what they are doing, let them know what YOU already have planned. Maybe it’s one of our coaching Masterminds or another event. Maybe it’s something else. Whatever it is, always be planning for the next opportunity to meet up and strengthen your relationship.


Step 6: Check in While Traveling

Planning a vacation out of town with your family? Since you’ve been attending all these events and meeting agents from all over the country (and possibly the world), there’s a good chance you might know someone where you’re going.

I’m not saying you should turn every trip into a business trip, but maybe set aside just a few hours one morning to stop into your new friend’s office and talk with some of the other agents there. This will help you leverage one connection into many, and soon you’ll become known in that office as “the agent from ____.”

I can’t tell you how happy it makes me when I see our coaching members visiting each other’s offices on Instagram, which from the looks of it is happening all the time.


Stay in Touch

Are you ready for Summit? You know I am. But also, I hope you’re now ready for after Summit. Because an event like this is just the beginning. The real work comes afterwards. It’s the changes you stick to, the relationships you nurture, and the systems you keep implementing day after day.

So, you’ll be hearing from me. But I also hope to be hearing from you.