The Treasure Map that Demystifies the Months Ahead: Your 2023 Real Estate Agent Business Plan

Here’s the deal… Without a written real estate agent business plan in place, you’re simply rolling the dice with your future.

And I just can’t figure out why anyone would choose to gamble with that. This is your life, so shouldn’t you be able to choose what you want it to look like? That’s what a plan can do for you.

If you’ve been with our ecosystem for a while, you might’ve done a business plan with us before. But this time it’s a little different – in that you’re getting something special we’ve never offered before (more on this in just a moment)! So, this blog isn’t about how to fill out your business plan as much as how to prepare for it, so that when you do sit down to build your vision, you know exactly what you want.


Real Estate Agent Business Plan Prep, Step 1: Download and Schedule

We know that this market is going to require more out of you, and that’s why you’re going to get more out of us.

For the first time ever, every single person who downloads our free 2023 Real Estate Business Plan template is going to be able to schedule an appointment with one of our expert business plan consultants who will walk you through the process of inputting your information and setting your goals step-by-step.

This is a full FREE personal session dedicated to you and your plan, so you’re not going to want to miss this opportunity to schedule your appointment when you download the template.

That’s step one. Next up…


Your Real Estate Agent Business Plan Prep, Step 2: Gather Your Numbers

Creating a business plan is about MORE than goal setting. And it’s definitely not painting a vision board or making wishes. This is an actual plan for you to reach attainable goals, and that has to begin by taking stock of where you are. Once you create that plan, you’ll gain total clarity over what’s required to reach your goals by December 31, 2023.

Have you been tracking all your numbers? I mean all of them??? Go to your CRM and copy down:

  • Listings appointments taken
  • Listings closed
  • Number of buyer appointments and closes
  • The number of days worked each week
  • Conversations had a day
  • Marketing money spent
  • Lead source effectiveness
  • GCI
  • Volume

Have all this and any other metric you have available ready for your appointment. And better yet, also have your CRM open in front of you.


Real Estate Agent Business Plan Prep, Step 3: What Worked?

Look at every piece of marketing you sent out, the channels that delivered for you, the scripts that led to a close. With all of your numbers in front of you, it’ll be easy for you to see where your strengths lie, where you need to double down your money, and what systems you might be better giving up.


Real Estate Agent Business Plan Prep, Step 4: What’s Your Purpose?

Why did you get into this business? A part of the reason is for money, but there’s another part too. Your business is a big part of your life, so when I say, “What’s your purpose?” I’m asking about your purpose in life.

You’re not going to have to go through all this in the actual business plan itself, but YOU need to know it and act from this place on intentionality in everything you do. For help with this, you should check out this video I did some years ago where I talk about the biggest questions that the most successful people in the world ask themselves every day.

Really meditate on this question and then move it down to a more personal level. What is your purpose in life right now? Who in your life are you fighting for? This is the fuel you’re going to need when challenging yourself as you go forward.

Real Estate Agent Business Plan Prep, Step 5: What’s Your 10-Year Vision?

Now that you’ve thought about your purpose, you need to look ten years into the future and picture your ideal life. Where do you live? How do you afford it? What’s the size of your team? How much property do you own?

A wise woman once told me that accomplishing anything great takes at least ten years. Your goal in 2023 is not to achieve all of this vision, but to keep it in mind and know where you need to be by the end of the year in order to stay on track. I strongly suggest you check out this recent podcast where I walk you through the formulation of this 10-year vision.


Real Estate Agent Business Plan Prep, Step 6: What’s Possible?

Now you know where you want to be and why, and you hopefully even know the kind of progress you’re going to need to make on a yearly basis to get there. But is it really possible to accomplish that much in a single year?

Look at what you did this year and know that this isn’t even your starting point because when the clock strikes New Years you’re starting over at zero in a market that’s continuing to rapidly shift.

I want you to be ambitious here but also practical. Challenge yourself and set your goals just above what you think you can reach, but not so high that you’ll quickly fall victim to delusion and defeat.

Remember, you’re not setting your actual goal yet, because you’re going to do that with your consultant, but you need to be thinking about it beforehand, so you have a good idea of what you really want.


Real Estate Agent Business Plan Prep, Step 7: What’s it Going to Take to Get There?

You have some ballpark numbers that you want from 2023, but how does your business need to change in order to achieve these goals? There are two parts to this.

What are You No Longer Willing to Tolerate?

This is actually a topic that we covered on the blog last week, which I highly recommend you go back and read. The reason that we want to start off with this part is that we want to clear out the junk and anything holding you back before you introduce new systems. But it’s also because phrasing it in this specific way makes it easier to identify the gaps in your business.

In 2023, are you really going to tolerate:

  • Doing administrative work instead of concentrating on your Highest and Best Use of time (HaBU)?
  • Letting yourself get irregular with posting video?
  • Not knowing what to say on a listing appointment?

And this leads right into…

What Do You Need to Add?

Here are the categories:

  • Mindset
  • Marketing
  • Sales Skills
  • Knowledge
  • Habits
  • Team

You should all be adding at least one new marketing channel, roleplaying every day, and using healthy habits to keep your mindset right.


Real Estate Agent Business Plan Prep, Step 8: Rank in Terms of Likelihood

Everything that you wrote down in the above step is only good if you’re actually serious about implementing it. Some of you out there are never going to do video. That’s just that and there’s no point in me going on about it even if you’re sabotaging yourself in the long and short term. So if you’re one of those people and you know it, then don’t go saying you want to start doing video.

Remember, this is a plan, not a wishlist for Santa.


Isn’t This a Lot of Prep?

If you look at the forecasts, nobody is saying that 2023 is going to be easy, but it’s up to you how your life changes over the next 14 months.

This plan can take you as for as you want to go, but you have to be specific about it and stick to it. Remember, the vague get punished so you need to be taking this plan seriously.

So, DOWNLOAD THE REAL ESTATE BUSINESS PLAN right here. You’ll be directed to a landing page which will then allow you to schedule a free coaching consultation with one of our experts. This is where you’ll set up a time to fill out your business plan together.