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Have you ever reached a point in life where you ask yourself,”is this all there is?”. Are you still seeking your purpose? Are not satisfied with any sort of success and keep wondering if there’s more to life?

Whether you’re still trying to find meaning in life or you’re still not satisfied with what your accomplishments so far, I’m here to help shed some light into your darkness and bring some clarity into your life.

In many cases our life experience is determined by the quality of the questions we ask ourselves and our ability to take the time to answer those questions. Today, I’m going to share with you the story of my first fateful meeting with one of my most influential mentors, Mike Vance. In this meeting, I learned about the five fundamental questions that all successful people he’s worked with have answered. These questions are so deep and so profound, yet so simple that they’re going to put you on your natural path of life.

So if you once and for all want to decide who you are and how your want your life to be, this episode is going to help you create a framework on how you make decisions to design the life you’ve always wanted. I guarantee that you will immediately find more joy and happiness while in this process.

Listen to today’s Tom Ferry Podcast Experience for the full story and those five essential questions.

NOTE: This one gets deep, so you might want to save this one for some quiet time when you can really stop and think, not at the gym on the treadmill or driving around town.

In this episode, we talk about…

01:15 – Tom’s origin story and early indoctrination to the sales mindset

04:12 – Meeting Mike Vance

09:22 – Feeling stuck… Is this it?

11:12 – Creating a five-year plan

12:37 – Cuban coffee and wine at 10 AM

14:05 – So deep yet so simple: The 5 fundamental questions to live by

16:20 – The first question. Wow, that’s deep.

18:40 – Going deep to find the real answer in a noisy world

20:35 – Tom’s challenge to you

22:20 – Question #2 you must answer

25:08 – How to make time fly when you’re working

27:00 – Mike’s third profound question

29:30 – Why most people fail to make good decisions

31:38 – Creating your personal value ranking

32:42 – Question 4: Envision yourself 20 years down the road

34:25 – “Dent on the planet.” Four words that can change your life

37:59 – The story behind “Walt’s Secret Wall”

41:42 – The unquantifiable value of having a clear plan

43:42 – The LAST question

45:13 – Who would you be if you were already there?

49:46 – Affirmations that became part of my daily ritual

53:25 – A warning before trying to answer these five questions

56:54 – How the people you surround yourself with can impact your life


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