He’s the guy who turned “spam” into legitimate “email marketing.”

He’s an author of 20+ amazing books and thousands of informative blogs.

He’s one of the best marketers in my lifetime, and one of the most generous people on the planet.

I couldn’t be more excited…

Not only because the one and only Seth Godin is my guest on today’s Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, but also because he’s the keynote speaker at our upcoming Success Summit!


In this episode, we discuss…

3:30 – The difference between a real estate professional and a real estate hack

6:23 – The evolution of real estate marketing and how it impacts you

9:13 – Seth’s frank advice for today’s real estate agent

12:40 – How to stand out as a real estate agent

15:09 – Bucking conventional wisdom in real estate

17:18 – “How do I get the word out?” is NOT the question!

19:46 – What if you wrote the book about your specialty in real estate?

22:13 – “What would happen if…” Easy investments to become a true professional

25:35 – Here’s what Seth would do if he was in real estate

29:40 – THIS is essential to targeting the smallest viable audience

33:12 – How Chuck Norris factors into your direct mail persona

33:59 – Solve the real problem for your clients to meet their emotional needs

36:53 – “Open your wallet, blow out the dust, and spend the money.”

39:55 – Every businessperson must make this decision

44:33 – Demystifying success with The Practice

47:50 – A great parting shot from Seth