If you’re looking to grow your real estate business then you probably recognize that there are a multitude of different things that you can do, and only a defined amount of hours in the day. In managing your own business, you need to make sure that you spend your time in the most effective ways — ways that will bring you business, provide a good return on investment, and not just be a waste of time.

Using the experience of our industry-leading coaches, we’ve compiled our top 11 tips to grow your real estate business.

Tip #1: Build Your Own Website 

This might seem like a fairly simple thing, but you should always build your personal brand, and that means not using your broker’s website. While things might be great with your broker at the moment, life changes — and sometimes a change of broker is necessary.

By having your own branded website, you are making sure that no matter what broker you partner with, you will always be supporting your personal brand. There’s good news with creating your website as building and maintaining your own website isn’t as challenging as you might think it is.

There are plenty of different types of sites that help you build a site through genius step-by-step wizards. If website design is something you absolutely don’t have the knowledge or time for, consider having one built for you.

Tip #2: Start a Blog

Another great tip to grow your real estate business is to try your hand at blogging. Blogging is writing content with specific topics relevant to your business. This could range from how to get ready to list your house to what it takes to host a great open house.

Blogging gives you a leg up in the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). To illustrate, when people start their online search to buy or sell their home, they enter a specific phrase in a search engine — you want your blog to pop up when they do. The stronger your SEO, the more likely you are to appear on the first page of query results.

As an added bonus, people who encounter your content will view you as an industry expert. For example, if you provide tips and tricks on how to get your house ready to list and people utilize this content to get their house ready, readers will likely choose you to list their house when they are ready to work with a real estate agent.

Tip #3: Develop a Mail Campaign 

Another great way to grow your real estate business and build your sphere of influence is by working on your mailing list. While we often focus on digital elements such as email drip campaigns, receiving something in the mail provides an extra value that tends to leave a larger impression than their digital counterparts.

Like all marketing campaigns, a certain number of touches has been identified to carry a successful campaign — and for print mailed materials, it is seven to eight.

Tip #4: Write out a Growth Plan

Sitting down and writing a real estate growth plan is another great way to invest in your business. Oftentimes, when business is going well, we find ourselves less motivated to work on investing time on leads that will be in the pipeline for a while. This results in the notorious lulls that we see in the real estate business, where things are great for a few months and then back to scarcity afterward. You should always be working on marketing and cultivating leads that might come to fruition months down the road.

There are several types of marketing that you should focus on in your real estate growth plan, including; digital marketing, print marketing such as postcards, and community sponsorships. All of these different types of marketing reach people in different types of ways and will help you create touchpoints that establish you as a credible source of real estate knowledge for the people in your growing sphere.

Tip #5: Consistently Practice Prospecting 

Investing in prospecting is essential to growing your real estate business. For the same reason that we suggest sitting down and committing to a marketing plan, prospecting every day ensures that you will have things in your pipeline months from now.

Every real estate agent should aim for regular, dependent income — meaning that you always have to be closing something. Prospecting in this sense means connecting with people regularly, not always just for business, but sometimes to just see how they are doing as a human first.

Tip #6: Update Your Biography Regularly

We know that our lives change all the time and our biography creates opportunities to fill different interest buckets that connect us with new potential buyers and sellers.

If you picked up a new hobby, it’s a good idea to have it listed on your biography as it might be a common interest with someone. Having something in common with a potential client could help you close the deal of exclusive representation that makes sure you get paid.

Tip #7: Establish Your Own Brand

Have you truly established your brand? Establishing your personal brand means that your efforts are supporting your personal identity as a real estate agent. It is a commonplace occurrence for real estate agents to rely heavily on their broker’s branding and resources, which becomes problematic when you consider changing brokers. It is almost like starting your business over again when you leave the support of a broker that you have invested your time and energy into marketing.

By investing in your personal brand, changing brokers is made simple since you’re not working from the ground up. Your sphere of influence is the same and potential customers are the same and can easily be switched over.

Tip #8: Make Yourself Visible 

Maintaining visibility as a real estate agent is crucial to bringing in new clients who are looking to buy or sell property. Some examples include:

  • Wearing your name tag all the time to establish your identity as a realtor.
  • Putting a decal on your car.
  • Working in public places.
  • Wearing shirts and other types of swag.

These are all easy actions that can identify your passion for real estate and provide an easy way to open up a dialogue with strangers who could be potential clients.

Tip #9: Be a Market Expert

It is important that people view you as an expert for your market. This means that someone should be able to approach you and ask how the market is doing in your specific area knowing you have a valuable and intelligent response to give them.

For newer neighborhoods this might mean knowing the different models of houses that are available, knowing about upcoming construction and things that are being built, having an idea of HOA bylaws, and being aware of the area physically so if they give you a street you can identify exactly where they’re talking about.

Tip #10: Master Expired Listings

Looking for how to get more business as a real estate agent? Become a master of expired listings.

Generally, properties expire for a handful of reasons, and by providing a plan to overcome the past issues that made the property not sell — you can find yourself with a multitude of listings and identify yourself as an expert with expired properties.

Some common reasons for properties to expire include:

  • The reason a property expired and did not sell could have been the pictures (taken by the agent rather than a professional).
  • The issue could have resulted from being overpriced, compared to other properties in the neighborhood.
  • The property was listed at a fluke time when there was not an appropriate buyer.

Having examples of other expired properties you have worked with in the past is a great way to assure potential clients that you can handle their situation as well.

Tip #11: Invest Time into Social Media

Investing in your social media presence is another critical practice that shouldn’t be overlooked and should be called out in your real estate growth plan. Social media is essential in today’s market in order to stay relevant and on the top of people’s minds. This is especially true for those in your personal sphere of influence.

There are several different platforms that you should consider focusing on such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. Regularly posting interesting and valuable content ensures that when people are looking to buy or sell their homes, they identify you as the first person that they want to work with.

It’s true that there’s a lot that goes into social media, such as posting at the appropriate time, making sure that you have regular content and that it is relevant, and being responsive when people message you on social media platforms. Despite these obstacles, social media is a key pillar of any marketing campaign.

How To Get More Business as a Real Estate Agent

Real estate can be exceptionally hard to navigate in a challenging market even with these tips to grow your real estate business. This is incredibly true for new and experienced real estate agents alike, who may be struggling with how to get more business as a real estate agent. If you find yourself in a position where you don’t know what to do to make the most of your time, and you’re not sure how to make a large impact — talking with an experienced coach might be a good option for you.

Your goal should be to invest your time in things that are going to help make money (whether prospecting, spending money on marketing, conducting open houses, etc). We offer free consultations where you learn about your goals and provide insight into how you can achieve success.

Ultimately everyone goes into real estate with some vision of success — for many, it is the time and financial freedom to enjoy more things with your friends and family. Combining your hard work, dedication, and drive to succeed with the experience of our real estate coaches, we believe that you can achieve this vision.