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Embracing Change 2: The Listing Side of the NAR Settlement

The NAR settlement is the biggest challenge facing real estate agents today, and the changes aren’t only impacting buyer agency. Shifts are happening on the listing side as well, and if you don’t update your processes and talking points soon, you’re going to be embarrassed by the time July rolls around.

For this episode of the Tom Ferry Show, I’m sharing the entire recording of my recent webinar which attracted tens of thousands of agents from across the country, “Embracing Change Pt. 2: The Listing Side of the NAR Settlement.”

In addition to my own thoughts and strategies, you’ll also hear from industry thought leaders, Lisa Chinatti, Jamie McMartin, Jack Miller, Jimmy Mackin, and Byron Lazine. These are some of the most successful and informed minds working in real estate today, and they’re opening up their entire playbooks on how to adapt your listing strategies in light of the NAR Settlement. 

This is a big deal, and I’m sharing it to help agents everywhere protect themselves and start serving more clients than ever before. 

And if you’re really serious about adjusting your strategies, make sure to register for our new 6-part webinar series, The NAR Effect.

In this webinar, we discuss…

0:00 – The NAR settlement adjustments

8:12 – Jack Miller: settlement highlights

15:00 – B2B vs. C2C

22:30 – Co-Broke offers

31:17 – Listing contracts & objections

38:45 – A roleplay 

46:00 – Best advice 

1:00:00 – 5 listing attraction strategies