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March Listing Appointments Madness #TomFerryShow

What is your strategy for tripling your March listing appointments? If you don’t have one, your playbook needs an update, because getting listing appointments is your No. 1 priority for this month.

And because it’s your highest priority, your strategy starts with your focus and your schedule. In this episode of the Tom Ferry Show, I’ll show you where you need to be putting your attention to double or even triple your March listing appointments. We’re talking about what to say “yes” to, what to say “no” to, and the strategies for skyrocketing your success.

Watch or listen, right here!

In this episode, I’ll discuss…

0:00 – The dominant thought.

3:04 – No. 1: Decide to say “No”

4:54 – No. 2: Decide to say “Yes”

6:42 – No. 3: Fix your schedule

7:23 – No. 4: Find your comfort