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Stepping Up as a Leader During a Natural Disaster

This episode of Team Builders is something a little different. We’re talking about real life tragedy and how people in our industry can step up as leaders during a natural disaster or any time of crisis.

My longtime friend and personal client, Mary Bartos runs a team serving the area of Southwestern Florida that was devastated by Hurricane Ian. Ten percent of her market, over 45,000 homes, were either damaged or destroyed, leaving the entire community shellshocked and with nowhere to turn for answers.

I spoke to Mary about how she and her team stepped up to help the people of her community when they needed her most and what anyone could do to be a leader through the darkest of times.

With the economy we’re facing at this moment, you don’t need a natural disaster to follow Mary’s example of exceptional leadership. So, check out this episode, right here.

In this episode, we discuss…

1:04 – The devastation of Hurricane Ian

4:33 – Mary’s process to keep it together

6:33 – Plays to run in a crisis

9:40 – Why home prices increase after crisis

11:25 – What would Mary have done differently

13:18 – Finding strength in crisis

17:20 – Mary’s advice for everyone