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Maximizing Profit on Every Transaction for Your Entire Team

This week on Team Builders I’m talking with the great and powerful Jim Allen of Raleigh, NC, about something that every person working in real estate is going to want to hear – how to manage every transaction with your team so that everyone makes the most money possible, even your clients.

Jim has a unique business model which includes forming long-term friendships with all of his clients, maximizing the profit for every one of his team members, and investing in properties with his agents (that they earn a commission on when he flips).

In this 37-minute episode, Jim is going to show you how to be the real estate leader that every person in your community needs. So, I seriously suggest you watch or listen, right now.

In this episode, we discuss…

0:00 – About Jim

2:00 – Defining Jim’s business model

4:34 – Best disciplines for repeat & referral

7:18 – Scaling the methodology

9:18 – Training and hiring

13:54 – Finding the market

17:02 – Set your focus location

20:09 – The market deep dive

27:35 – Essential team practices

35:35 – Reach out to Jim