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How to Create a Geo Farming Team to Attract More Business

You know all about geographic farming, but what does it take to lead a successful geo farming team?

If you ask Lisa Doyle, she’d say a successful geo farming team comes down to organization, discipline, and team structure. I talked with Lisa about the dynamics of geo farming as a team effort, finding the right person to get you organized, and always choosing your hard. Lisa even shares her advice for doorknocking luxury homes which shows shocking results.

Make sure to watch or listen to this geographic farming team episode, and if you like what Lisa has to say, you’ll have a chance to meet her at next month’s Success Summit, where she’ll be sitting in the front row and continuing to network her way to the tippy-top.

In this episode about creating a geo farming team, we discuss…

1:40 – Lisa’s No. 1 rule

3:27 – For the unorganized people

7:08 – Lead gen systems

9:00 – Lisa’s geographic farming team

10:10 – When people leave

11:44 – Doorknocking the big doors

13:20 – The future of real estate teams

14:52 – Reach out to Lisa