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How to Get Organized with Tech Stacks and SOPs

The most frequent question that I get asked as a coach is, “How do I get organized?” As a CEO, I get it. Keeping your team organized is difficult… if… you don’t have your tech stacks and standard operating procedures in order.

This week, I talked with Jack Lehr and Sara Cain of Tru Advantage Team, and Dan Barnett of The Jill Biggs Group about what it really takes to stay organized as a leader, from onboarding and offboarding to the tech stacks they can’t live without.

This is a great conversation that I think will provide you a lot of ease and clarity, so make sure you watch or listen.

In this episode, we discuss…

1:15 – Meet Sara, Jack, and Dan

4:42 – In the first 100 days…

9:00 – SOPs and Lead Source

15:50 – Sara’s onboarding SOP

19:18 – Changing plans

24:42 – Tech stacks

29:15 – Preparing your day

32:55 – Offboarding

36:19 – Final thoughts

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