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Reimagining the Perfect Team from the Bottom Up

Emma Lefkowitz admits she’s made just about every mistake possible when building her real estate team. But it’s those experiences that have led her to putting together a powerhouse SEAL team with all the right systems for weathering any storm.

She’s managed to adapt to changing and challenging markets, and that’s why this week I have Emma here to share her wisdom on growing, innovating, and managing an unstoppable machine of a team.

If you’re seeing any gaps in your business, I’d make sure to watch or listen to this one, because it’s very possible Emma will have a solution for you.

In this episode, we discuss…

0:00 – About Emma

5:56 – What you need before you build

7:23 – A buyer’s admin?

9:00 – Client care and marketing

10:26 – Implementing a hiring plan

11:40 – Valuing ranking positions

12:46 – Finding the ideal salesperson

14:15 – Having the hard conversations

15:53 – Why the SEAL team

18:00 – Culture

20:00 – Navigating the new market

24:33 – Geo farming

30:00 – The grit of Emma’s team

32:59 – Emma’s future growth

35:46 – Contact Emma!