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What Happens when You Choose the Dream SEAL Team

Last year, Brian Ladd and his team closed over 200 transactions and did close to a quarter billion dollars in volume in an area of just 800 homes. Best part is… he only has a team of seven salespeople!

Brian is like the Tom Brady of real estate – he knows exactly where to pass the ball in order to win the big game. I sat down with Brian to unpack why he chose this model of team, how he leads, and what kind of impact he’s making in his community.

This is inspiring stuff for anyone at any stage of their business development, so I really recommend that you watch or listen, right now.

In this episode, we discuss…

0:23 – The market in Bend, OR

1:45 – Being intentional with your team

4:26 – Who gets to be on to Brian’s team

7:30 – How Brian manages efficiency

10:00 – Market saturation means…

15:34 – Be relevant on a bigger scale

19:25 – Prioritizing time and trusting your people

23:45 – Responsibility / Opportunity / Accountability

27:00 – Compel events to conform to plan

30:20 – Reach out to Brian